Hydros Water Bottle Makes Drinking Water A Socially Responsible Act

World Water Day

Hydros Bottle

I am not sure where to start with the Hydros Water Bottle.   We could talk about how it is a BPA free, USA made water bottle with a built in fast flow filter that gives you clean water in 20 seconds.  Maybe the real story is “Operation Hydros” where the purchase of one Hydros bottle can bring clean drinking water to one person in need for an entire year.  No, I am burying the lead – the real story is that 38 billion disposable plastic water bottles find their way into landfills each year and the Hydros Bottle can help reverse this environmental catastrophe.

The Hydros Water Bottle – A Bottle That Succeeds on Many Level

In truth, the Hydros Water bottle is impressive and newsworthy on all fronts.   We normally don’t have much interest in talking about water bottles, but when that water bottle is well designed, helps combat the global water crisis and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic water bottles – well, that gets our attention.

Here is our hands-on video review of the Hydros Water Bottle -

The Hydros Water Bottle Is About As Cool As A Water Bottle Gets

Let’s be honest, water bottles are not the most exciting products in their world.   For the most part, you put water in and then drink it.  The Hydros water bottle does add about as much coolness as you can in a water bottle.  As the video shows, the big claim to fame is the side fill port with the fast filter.  In about 20 seconds you can take water from a water fountain and have clean water with reduced levels of chlorine, chloramines and particulates.  The twist close cap also means you will not have spills while traveling.

Hydros Bottles

As a parent, there is a great deal of appeal to a BPA free water bottle that can quickly filter water.  Lugging around bottles of water for the kids on summer travel trips gets old pretty fast.  The ability to fill the Hydros bottle with water from a sink or water fountain is fantastic.   In addition, with 150 fills before you need to replace the filter, the Hydros Bottle is much more cost efficient than buying bottled water.

Operation Hydros – A Real Way to Help Solve the Global Water Crisis

The numbers can seem overwhelming.  1 in 7 people lack access to clean drinking water.  Nearly 1 billion people do not have adequate drinking water.  3.5 million people die each year from water related diseases, 84% of them are under the age of 14.

Now that we have completely depressed you, let’s share some good news.   Small contributions can make a huge difference when it comes to providing clean drinking water to people in need.  Through the Operation Hydros program, Hydros donates $1 to sustainable water projects for every Hydros bottle sold.  I know, $1 does not sound like much, but $1 is all it takes to bring clean water to one person for an entire year.

Here is how Operation Hydros…operates…

Today, we are partnering with Engineers Without Borders USA, a non-profit organization that engages rural communities to implement the projects. We like EWB’s model because it utilizes local labor, local materials,and local management, ensuring the water system is well maintained and remains remains operational long after the EWB team has left the village. For our first project, we’re working with the University of Pennsylvania chapter of Engineers Without Borders to build a spring water distribution system in the village of Gundom in Cameroon.

As we have stated in our Dad Does Good section – we love companies that make a great product and also do social good. Companies like Hydros set a clear example of how to run a company in a successful and socially responsible manner.

But Wait, Don’t Order Yet, There is More Good About Hydros Bottles

The other great thing about using a Hydros bottle is that you are not using a disposable plastic water bottle.  The filter that comes with the Hydros bottle will get you 150 refills of your 16 ounce bottle.  Let’s just assume you get lazy, don’t buy a replacement filter and stop using the Hydros bottle after 150 fills.  In this worst case scenario, the Hydros bottle kept 150 disposable bottles out of the landfill.   We already have 38 billion disposable plastic bottles in our landfills, we really don’t need anymore.

March 22nd is World Water Day, Let’s Make a Difference This Year

World Water Day

The United Nations has declared March 22 as International World Water Day.  You can visit the official World Water Day site to learn more, but basically this is a day to help focus attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

We strongly encourage everyone to visit the World Water Day site and figure out a way to help this year. They have all types of great material, graphics and brochures to help you get the word out about the importance of drinkable water for everyone.  Of course, if you are looking for an easy way to help support clean water efforts, pick up the Hydros Water Bottle.  You will be doing good and getting a great water bottle to boot!

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