Doing Good: TOMS Proves You Can Run a Profitable Business And Help The World

TOMS One for One

TOMS Ticket to Give

We should all do good.  I don’t think that is a very controversial statement.  In fact, I would argue that that the desire to do good is one of the few things that the overwhelming amount of people can agree on.   By extension, the people who own companies should also do good.

Try to draw up what exactly is good, and  the best way to implement and pay for it on paper, and suddenly you run into a great deal of debate.    You know what, forget drawing ideas up on paper and debating the theoretical,  if it looks like a company is doing real good, it smells like real good and taste like real good (yes, I’ve tasted and smelled good) then you have yourself a company that is doing real good!  Today we focus on TOMS, a company who is absolutely doing real good.

How Do You Do Good By Selling Shoes and Eyeglasses?

If you are not familiar with TOMS, they are a company that makes and sells shoes and eyewear.    Of course what I just said is like saying that an artist makes and sells canvas and paint.  TOMS does sell very cool shoes and eyewear, but that is really just a Trojan Horse for their incredible social mission via their One for One program.  It is so simple, direct and completely perfect –

For shoes…

With Every Pair You Purchase, TOMS will Give a Pair of New Shoes to A Child In Need.

For eyewear…

With Every Pair You Purchase, TOMS will Help Give Sight to A Person In Need.

TOMS was founded in 2006 and has already giving over 2 million pairs of shoes to children in over 40 countries.  TOMS also works to make sure that their programs of giving shoes and helping with sight work with the situations in the local community –

TOMS partners with humanitarian organizations that have thorough experience in the communities they serve. TOMS helps give sight in three ways by providing prescription glasses, cataract surgeries and medial treatment. The  company’s shoe-giving partners work to integrate new TOMS Shoes into their pre-existing health and education  programs so that shoes are given to children along with other support like hygiene, education, health care or basic necessities (such as medicines, school uniforms, school supplies, clothing or vitamins). TOMS works to build long-term giving relationships with its giving partners so that the children they serve have access to additional pairs of shoes as they grow. Giving partners report back on the fit, durability and impact of the shoes so that TOMS can continually learn and improve its giving efforts.

The only people who could not like what TOMS is doing are the other shoe and eyewear companies, that just sell shoes and eye glasses!  Nike, you have the slogan, “Just Do It” but TOMS is the one who is doing it!

TOMS One for One

TOMS Ticket to Give – Simply One Of The Best Giving Ideas Ever

We get lots of pitches from PR agencies, some good, some boring and some that just make you lose all faith in the future of humanity.  It is very rare that a pitch makes us stop and say, “Wow, what an incredible idea.”  This is exactly the reaction we had when we got the press release about TOMS Ticket to Give

In an approach that is truly first of its kind, every single week on, one lucky winner will be given the opportunity to join TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, and other community members on a once-in-a lifetime international Giving Trip.  Previously available just to TOMS employees, the Giving Trips taken through the TOMS Ticket to Give program will enable winners to experience giving One for One™ first-hand. Giving Trips are not vacations, but journeys into communities of incredible people and enormous need. They are hands-on, face-to-face journeys that, for those who are giving, are as much about personal transformation as positively impacting the lives of others.

“We want to take as many people as possible on our Giving Trips,” added Mycoskie, “and The TOMS Ticket will give someone a chance to see a holistic approach to our giving. Our hope is that our fans who win a TOMS Ticket and join us will have life-changing experiences, and they’ll come back with a fresh perspective on their communities, their jobs, their lives… and the lives of others.”

The TOMS Ticket to Give allows people to see how real these problems are and how the simple act of buying shoes or eyewear can make a huge difference.   It is hard to connection with a statistic like, 18 million children are blind or visually impaired.  On the other hand, going into a village and providing eyeglasses to one person makes it all real.

Many companies say they give a certain percentage to charity, but most people have no idea what that really means.  When I buy a drink and 1% goes to some charity, did I really make a difference?  The One for One and the Ticket to Give absolutely let people see how real and significant simple acts like buying shoes and eyewear can be.  Once people see the difference their purchases can make, they will apply this to other areas of their life where they can do good with simple acts.

One Day Without Shoes – April 10, 2012 – Let’s Do It!

Millions of children live without proper footwear, exposing them to injury and disease every day.  TOMS is doing incredible work to bring more shoes to more children in need, but we need to let more people know about this problem.  April 10, 2012 is the One Day Without Shoes Movement.  Go without shoes for the day to start a conversation about why shoes are so important and how many children get preventable diseases from not having  shoes to wear.

I am guessing when I go without shoes my conversation will start like this “Hey Dan, you finally lost your mind and forget to put on shoes this morning.  I knew it, I always told my wife you were crazy!”  Of course I will have the last laugh when I hand them a card to educate them on the necessity for all people to have shoes.  I will have to try to remember to wear pants on that day…

TOMS, Thanks For Showing How Doing Good Is Alive and Well

Earlier this week we talked about how a radio DJ camped out in town and raised $34,000 for the Cancer Connection.  Now we learn about all the good that TOMS is doing.  In these skeptical and often divisive times, it is great to see that plenty of good is still happening all around us, you just need to know where to look.

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