Review: Tosy Toop, The Motorized Spinning Top That Just Never Stops

Toop Tops

Toop Tops

When you think of spinning top toys, you probably think of Beyblade Battle sets.  We have   reviewed Beyblades in the past and they are great, but they are not the only spinning top toy in town.  If you are looking for a spinning top with perhaps a little more spin and bling then look no further than the Tosy Toop, The Ultimate Battle motorized spinning tops!

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Toop Are Some Hardcore Spinning Tops

As the video shows, the Toop tops spin like crazy!  If left on its own to spin, the Toop will spin for about 2 hours straight and then only stopping because the batteries will die.  In fact, Tosy created a special version of the Toop that set the Guinness World Record for longest-running spinning top at over 24 hours!

Toop is made by Tosy, a Vietnamese robotics company and it shows.  The Toop really spin and bang, it almost feels too powerful at times.  Each Toop uses 4 AAA batteries, so you know that Tosy put some serious power into these spinning tops.  Add on the incredible light show and the ability to stack tops and you have some very impressive technology for a toy.

Toop May Be Tops, But The Battle Is Unlike Other Spinning Top Games

In top games like Beyblades the idea is to be the last top spinning.  The Toop tops are motorized, so they rarely stop spinning, even if they hit each other.  To spice things up each player gets a magnetic wand called a “gravity controller”.  As the video shows, you use your gravity controller to control your Toop and try to knock the other player’s Toop into the “Deadly Zone”.  I know, it all sounds strange, but it is fun to play and can get pretty intense.  We had some serious smashing and bashing going on in our testing.

As is the case with all battling toys today, the Toop do also comes with trading cards and a back story about the different teams and Toops.    I would say that Beyblade, Pokemon and Bakugan don’t have much to fear in terms of the story and card game department.  The Toops cards and story are fine, but it has a very unpolished feel to it.

A Few Issues With the Toop Tops

Toops have awesome power, look great in the dark and allow you to stack tops.   There is a lot to like about Toop tops, but there are a few issues.  Each Toop uses 4 AAA batteries and that provides about 2 hours of continuous spinning.  Clearly if your kids are going to do a lot of battles, you will want to invest in rechargeable batteries.

The other issue is that the Toops really do smash hard into each other, and while this is visually cool, we did have some issues with batteries coming loose.  At points the Toop would just die, we would open it up, push the batteries a little tighter and it would work again.  This happened a few times and could be a point of frustration for kids.

Conclusion:  Toops are Different And We Mean That in a Great Way

At first glance it seems like Toops are very similar to Beyblades, Monsuno, Pokemon or Bakugan.  Once you start playing with Toop, you realize it is a very different type of game.  It is really more like Air Hockey…with crazy spinning tops! The gravity controllers really add a nice element to the game play and there is something just visually appealing about watching tops spin, light up and bash!

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