The Dad Does 2012 Toy Fair Toy Awards, Not Your Typical Toy Awards!


Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Sure, the toy industry has awards.  We covered the 2012 Toy of The Year (TOTY) Awards last month, but really with categories like “Best Toy of The Year“, those are a real yawner.  No, after taking in all the new toys at Toy Fair 2012 we decided there was a need for some more creative toy awards.

Noelle and I scoured the toy fair floor, searching for the best of the best – but that was just the beginning .  We then meditated,  checked astrology charts, used divining rods and drank tea with toy monks.  Now, we present the efforts of our work – The Dad Does 2012 Toy Fair Toy Awards or as we like to call it TDD2012TFA…man, we totally should have made T-shirts with that on it.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Toy Most Likely To Kill You In Your Sleep
Winner – SketRobo by Topsy

I mean take a look at this quick video…

Come on, look how he handles that pen.  When he comes out he will have a camera and be able to draw a picture of whoever is in front of him.  But let’s not kid ourselves here, there is much more going on in SketRobo’s head.  The pen is mightier than the sword, Sket is pretty handy with a pen, which means it is only a matter of time before he gets fed up with a life of sketching, goes berzerk and uses that pen as a sword to attack you in your sleep.  Here is a tip, if Sket draws a picture of a robot attacking someone who looks very much like you…sleep with one eye open.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Toy Robot Least Likely To Kill You In Your Sleep
Winner – Brobo and His Robot Friends

SketRobo a little too “robot from the future comes back to kill us” for you?  You may want to go with the Brobo Robot –

These guys are cute, cuddly and act as night light to keep kids safe at night.  Will Broby have what it takes to stop SketRobo when he comes calling?  Not sure, but at least you will see it all better with the light in Brobo’s belly.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Books To Wow You…And Give You Nightmares
Winner – Popar Books by Popar Toys

Popar Books

One of the buzzes at Toy Fair 2012 was “augmented reality.” What’s that? It is when computers can add to your sense of enjoyment of the toy through sight, sound, feel or smell. In this case, Popar Toys (read our previous post on Popar Books) have created books that you can read like any other book–it is full of information about trucks or insects. But each page also includes a QR code that, when a webcam is aimed at it, shows a moving 3-D image of a backhoe scooping up dirt or of a ladybug taking flight on the screen. This is still a newer technology, so the 3-D images aren’t amazing–yet. But give it time! And they are still pretty cool. The presenter even had a QR code on his shirt which, with a webcam aimed at him, made his head look like a tarantula or put a pair of butterfly wings on his back. Endlessly neat. Although, I think having a spider-head would haunt me for many nights, there are probably thousands of little boys and girls who would find it the best thing that ever happened to them. And with the books retailing at only $20, the added fun is worth the price tag.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Most Huggable Dolls Based on Book Characters
Winner – Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander has long created collectible doll characters that are not meant for playing but are instead for putting in glass cabinets. But they’ve also developed a line of plush dolls just right for cuddling based on several different popular children’s books. Your child can play with Ivy and Bean, Puff the Magic Dragon, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Eloise, Angelina Ballerina or Charlie Brown and the gang from the Peanuts comics. How can you go wrong than matching great books to dolls?

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Most Huggable Dog at Toy Fair
Winner – Mary Meyer Marshmallow Zoo Dog

We were in NYC, I wanted Noelle to go around and hug real dogs on the street, but then I thought that just wouldn’t be fair…to the dogs!  Seriously, who hasn’t laid awake wondering which plush dog is the most huggable?  Watch this video and wonder no more…

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Way to Get Toddlers To Carry Their Weight on Family Game Night
Winner – Roll & Play by ThinkFun

Roll & Play by ThinkFun

What’s the deal with toddlers?  Come family game night, they just sit there…maybe toddling a little.  I know what you are saying, “Toddlers can’t play games!”  Thanks to ThinkFun, now they can!  Well, as much as a game that an 18 month old can play, that is.  Basically, the game called Roll & Play is a giant (washable, mind you) cube with a different color on each side.  Each player rolls the cube and then picks out a card with the corresponding color.  Then everyone in the game acts out what the card says.  It may say to jump 4 times or to clap your hands or to sing a song.  There is no winning or object other than families spending time playing together.  For those parents who are looking for fun and educational ways to play with their young children, they will find this game fantastic.  So will day cares and libraries.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Bracelets To Make, Trade and Lose Small Pieces of All Over the House
Winner – Crafty Bands

Crafty Bands

Crafty Bands were mentioned before in our Let’s Hear It For The Girls article, but after looking at all of the jewelry-making toys out there, these have lasted in my mind as the one most likely to be a big hit. The amount of choice available is fabulous, from the color of the bracelet to the color of the snaps to the images you can use for the bubble caps (which is limited only by your imagination, or available images). Plus they are changeable, so even after you’ve made one, you can take out the snaps and make a fresh one. That has points over practically any other jewelry making toy out there. Yes, I am sure parents will find those bubble caps all over the house, but the unending creative value of Crafty Bands make it all worthwhile.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Way to Turn Your Furniture Into a Toy
Winner – Fab Toys’ Coffee Table Line

Fab Toys

Sometimes simple is ingenious. So Fab Toys’ Coffee Table line is a great idea–they are cloths that fit over your coffee table or, in one instance, a chair, to transform your furniture into instant imaginative playspace. For your coffee table, you can toss the Command Center on top and suddenly you are on the bridge of an airplane or rocket or time machine. Try out the Kitchen Island to have an instant kitchen. Even better, you can turn your chair into a “Kitchen” chair which features an oven, stovetop and microwave. These are machine washable and simple to stuff into a bag to travel with. All you need is imagination and you are ready to go.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Definitive Proof That You Can’t Beat a Stick for Fun
Winner – Mickey Mantle’s Real Deal Stickball by Bronx Toys

Bronx Toys Stickball game

New York City is the greatest city in the world for numerous reasons – pizza, bagels and of course Stickball.  Well, now even non New Yorkers can enjoy the thrill of standing over a manhole cover and clobbering a pink ball thanks to Bronx Toys.  The Mickey Mantle Real Deal Stickball set comes with everything you need – a bat fashioned from USA hardwoods grown with sustainable methods and Made in the USA, just like the Mick used, two genuine pink balls and a take home Manhole cover for home plate.

It may not sound like much, but give a kid a bat, some balls and a connection to Mickey Mantle and you have pure fun.  The only thing that would make this better would be if they through some pizza and bagels in the bag.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Hope For Finally Getting Your iPad Back From the Kids
Winner – Meep! Tablet by Oregon Scientific

Show of hands, how many Moms and Dads got an iPad only to have their kids completely take it over and monopolize it? Help may be on its way in the fall of 2012 with the release of the Meep! Tablet by Oregon Scientific –

The Meep! Tablet will sell for just $149 and be built kid tough.  It runs Android 4.0, so it should have the power to run all those crazy games that your kids love.  Give your kids a $149 Meep! and perhaps you can actually have your $600 iPad back.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Reason To Hope For a Blackout
Winner – Fireworks Light Show in My Room by Uncle Milton

fireworks launcher

There are lots of shooting toys for kids from Nerf guns to marshmallow launchers, but the one thing kids have not been able to do is launch fireworks. That all changes with the Fireworks Light Show in My Room, complete with hand held launcher –


No, Uncle Milton has not gone insane, this is NOT a real fireworks launcher!  It does however launch a very cool light show of cool fireworks on your wall – complete with sounds effects.  Visit Uncle Milton for more information.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

The Most Fun You Can Have, While Sounding Like a Fool
Winner – Sound It! Found It! by Wowopolis

Sound It! Found It!

Games where you need to search a picture for a particular object are not new. Games where you make strange sounds – fun, but also not breaking new ground. A game where you make a ridiculous sound and then every one else races to find the object you were imitating…that is new, and fun!

Sound It! Found It! is a fun new game for the whole family by Wowopolis.  The tag line “What’s the Sound? Where’s it Found?” pretty much says it all.  Get a card, make a sound, players then need to guess what you are making the sound of and then race to find it on one of the picture boards.  A fun game the whole family can get into.  More information at Wowopolis.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Best Toy for a Gun Fight…Or a Knife Fight
Winner – G.I. Joe Battle Kata Blaster by Hasbro

G.I. Joe Battle Kata Blaster

Everyone knows the saying, “Don’t Show Up to Gun Fight With Just a Knife“, but is it bad form to show up to a knife fight with a gun then?  What if you really don’t know if said fight will be a gun or knife affair?  Thankfully, Hasbro has solved this deep philosophical debate with the G.I. Joe Battle Kata Blaster.  Watch this video, starting at the 2:12 mark –

How awesome is that?  A gun that turns into a knife!  Or is it a knife that turns into a gun?  Either way, very cool.

Dad Does 2012 Toy Awards

Toy Most Likely To Make Parents Obsolete
Winner – Tie-Not


Sure we do a lot for our kids, but are we really indispensable?  Computers, apps and robots will soon be able to provide our kids with answers to any questions they may have.  There is one thing that my kids always need me for – tying their water balloons.  It feels so nice to be needed.

What?  The Tie-Not allows kids to easily fill and tie water balloons?  Ah, it probably doesn’t work.  What’s that?  It really does work and is super easy?  Well, maybe my kids will still keep me around – they seem to like human targets to throw their water balloons at.  More info at Tie-Not.

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