1 Million Views and Nothing But Pure Love and Admiration

YouTube Comments

1 Million Views on YouTube

We did it!  Our little YouTube Channel just went over 1 Million Views!   As we promised in our Win 1 Million Post, we are awarding 1 Million…Indonesian Rupiah to Chris S!  To make life a little simpler for Chris we will pay in US dollars, let’s see 1 Million Rupiah…carry the 1, that equals about $100 US Dollars.  Still, no too shabby.

We Do It For the Comments, Nothing But Pure, Gushing Love

As we look back at the 1 million views we have received the one thing that stands out most is the out pouring of love and admiration we have received in the comments to the videos.  I get a little chocked up just reading the comments, so expressive, so beautiful, so heartfelt.

To celebrate our 1 Million views we would now like to share some of our favorite comments and the videos they were posted on.  These are all absolutely real comments!

Lubriderm For Men 3 in 1 Lotion

This video was clearly a work of art and really touched people on a deep level.

@MoHottie30 said –

damn i was looking for the advertisement with the INCREDIBLY hot guy… ummm you are not him :(

@MoHottie30, you had me at “damn”.

This one was even more touching…

@queensNYC928 said –

you should stop making videos. youre not cut out to do them. btw, this video is ass.

YouTube Comments

@QueensNYC928 I hear you,  “this video is ass” is the new slang way of saying this video rules -right?  Thanks so much for teaching me the new hip language.  It is people like you who keep me going.  Rock on, man!

Oh, and those 8 people who clicked Dislike – I get it.  You Disliked that the video had to end.  Sorry man, all good times have to come to an end.

Easton Powerbrigade Bat

This one was super popular with all the baseball fans.  I could almost feel their love and respect for my talents jumping through the screen.

@ben10houser said –

hey i something for you. 1 you have horrible swing. and cheesiness is pathetic.

Oh man, thanks @ben10houser, I love that you had something for me – you really didn’t need to.

@TheManAtEverything1 said –

Terible swing haha

I’m honored and touched that TheManAtEverything could find time to send some love my way.  Right back at ya big fella!

@fdudrkuyfkgkhjgfktf said –

you have a horrible swing and clearly no nothing about baseball or baseball bats

Hey fdudrkuyfkgkhjgfktf, what a cool name, just rolls off the tongue.  Must suck that it is so common though.  I get what you are doing you clever wordsmith – “no nothing” – that is a double negative, so you really mean “I do know everything“.  Well played fdudrkuy (yes, we are so close I can call him by his nickname).

We Could Go On and On, But We Are Getting a Little Emotional

So many more encouraging comments we could post, but I think you get the idea.  It is a regular Love Fest over on our YouTube Channel, I am sure at some point we will get our first negative comment, but so far nothing but love!

In all seriousness, thank you to everyone who has watched and for all the comments, both good and bad.  We are the first to admit that not every video is a winner, there is plenty we would do differently today.  It is a learning experience, but we are trying to have some fun while also providing some useful reviews.  Some days are better than others, but we promise to keep going and look forward to two million views!

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