Will The New Paper Mate Inkjoy Pens Really Bring You Joy?



Remember pens?  Those funny things we used back in the day before emails and texting?  Guess what – turns out people still use these relics from the prehistoric ages.  Wait, it gets better…not only do people still use pens, companies are still developing new technologies to make pens better!  What’s next – a phone that has a cord???

Paper Mate’s Inkjoy Pen Does Not Come With An App?

Paper Mate recently contacted us about reviewing their new Inkjoy line of pens.  Cool, must be a pen that you use with your iPad – right? Nope.  Okay, the Inkjoy is robotic, you use an app to control it and make it write…right?  Nope, again.  It turns out the Inkjoy is a pen that writes nicely.

Yes, the Inkjoy is a pen – no apps, no batteries – just a real world writing utensil.  So, what makes the Inkjoy pens so special?  InkJoy has a revolutionary new ink system which features the smoothness of a gel pen with the fast-dry of a ball point.  You don’t need to be a pen snob to buy these pens, they are very affordable and start at about $5 for an 8 Pack.

Is The Paper Mate Inkjoy Really Going to Be The World’s Most Stolen Pen?

Paper mate is talking a lot about how the Inkjoy will quickly become one of the most stolen pens at work.  That is all fine and dandy, but for us parents the real question is, will the Inkjoy get stolen at home?

Let’s take a quick look at how the Inkjoy fared at home -

The InkJoy May Not Bring You Endless Joy, But It Is a Joy To Write With

I am absolutely not a pen expert.  What I do know is that I like easy flowing pens that don’t smudge and the Inkjoy perfectly fits the bill.  The Inkjoy really does write like a gel pen, but it dries instantly like a ball point pen.  In addition, if you like a little color in your life, you will love the Inkjoy.  The Inkjoy comes in ten different colors and a number of different styles and price points.
Paper Mate Inkjoy

Try Out The Inkjoy Pens and Fingerprint Safe in Our Giveaway

Want to try out the Paper Mate Inkjoy pens and the fingerprint safe?  Good, because we want to give some joy! Yep, the fine folks at Paper Mate have agreed to do a giveaway for one lucky reader of the following –

  • A 10-pack of new Paper Mate InkJoy pens
  • Biometric Fingerprint Safe – to store your InkJoy pens at all time. Your fingerprints are the only key
  • Pen Theft Prevention Poster – to hang in your workspace to raise awareness of pen theft and deter potential thieves
  • Office Crime Watch Decal – so pen thieves know that area is protected


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On Tuesday March 13st, 2012 we will randomly pick the winner. Sorry, due to the shipping weight, we can only ship to US residents.

A big thank you to Paper Mate for agreeing to our format for a giveaway. We believe giveaways should be giveaways – not workaways! For this reason, we don’t make you like us, follow us and jump through hoops to get into the contest. That being said, Paper Mate has a very active FaceBook page with great coupons and information, so give them a quick like.  In fact, they have a contest on their Facebook page where they are giving away 100 Inkjoy pens a day and $2,500 as a Grand Prize.

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