Top 0 Tips for Having Fun While Camping with Kids, Yes, We Said Zero

KOA Virtual Campfire

KOA Virtual Campfire

I love lists.  So nice, neat and symmetrical.   If I had my way, all information would be presented in the form of a list.  As we start to move toward the nicer weather of spring, we can finally think about spending some time outdoors.  What better way to spend some time together as a family than on a camping trip?  So, to help you out we now present our latest camping tips list…

Top 0 Tips For Having Fun While Camping With Kids

There you have it, you should probably print it out as we don’t expect you to remember all this.

And That is Why We Do KOA Live Chats

Fine, detective, you busted me – I don’t actually have any tips…yet.  I am sure that will all change once I attend the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) live chat on 3/6/12 at 9pm EST about Family Fun While Camping.  Regular readers know I am a community leader over at the KOA Virtual Campfire and really love the tips, information and fun that comes out of all the conversations at the KOA Campfire.

Come on over to the Family Fun While Camping Live Chat on 3/6/12 and I promise you two things.  First, you will learn some great tips and information about camping with kids.  Second, within about 10 minutes of the chat starting, someone will mention Smores (always happens).

What Other Fun Things Are Going on at The Virtual Campfire

While we work on perfecting the virtual Smores machine, at this time we do have some great conversations going on. The Live Chat is 3/6/12 at 9pm EST, but don’t worry if you are reading this after 3/6 – you can always go back and read everything that was discussed at the live chat.   Of course, there is much more to KOA Virtual Campfire than just the live chats, here is a quick sample of some great conversations going on now…

The Virtual Campfire – Like A Real Campfire…Without the Camping or Fire

Look, everyone over at the KOA Community loves being outdoors, active and camping, so we are not going to pretend that a “virtual campfire” can offer the same fun as real campfire.  On the positive side, the risk of accidentally starting a forest fire is greatly reduced in the Virtual Campfire!

Seriously, come over to the KOA Community, learn some great tips and have fun with fellow campers online.  Then, when the weather gets nice, unplug all your gadgets, get outside and enjoy the peace and tranquilly of real camping…at least until the kids start fighting.

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