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Spill Stopper

Spill Stopper

This is a departure for us.  Here at Dad Does we focus on real world product reviews.  We get our little hands on things, try them in the real world and report back on how the product did.  Sometimes we have done previews – such as our Toy Fair 2012 coverage, where we see demos of toys but do not get to play with them…yet.

Today we break new ground by talking about a product that does not even exist yet!  Yep, the Spill Stopper Training Cup by Kevin Fleming of daddio! has not been made yet, but you can now help make it a reality.  Kevin Fleming has launched a campaign on Kickstarter.Com where everyday people can help turn the Spill Stoppper Training Cup from a concept into a reality.

For Kids Past Sippy Cups But Before Big Kid Cups

As Moms and Dads we have all been there.  The kids have outgrown sippy cups, but still don’t have the dexterity or coordination to handle regular cups without frequent spills.  Enter the Spill Stopper Training Cup

Spill Stopper

Here is what is cool about the above photo, the cup has a regular opening, so kids can drink like they would from a “regular cup” but as the photo shows, the water is not spilling out.  How do they do this magic?

Our Patent Pending cup is slightly weighted on one side.  The weight is opposite the opening where the liquid is consumed.  If our cup tips over gravity quickly pulls it into a neutral position minimizing and almost eliminating the spill.

Also unique to our cup is the recessed internal lid.  For a child emulating adults or older kids, being able to put their lip directly on the cup and not on an unnatural, external lid is huge.  The internal lid also prohibits the child from placing fingers or food into the cup.

Here is how the cup looks with the weight system –

Spill Cup

If you do knock the cup over, the weight is opposite the opening, so the opening always ends up on top and the liquid stays safely on the bottom.

How You Can Help Bring the Spill Stopper Training Cup to Market

If you are not familiar with, it is a very cool site where designers can post their idea and try to raise money to bring their products to life.  To learn more about the Spill Stopper Training Cup just head over to their Kickstarter page – they have videos by the inventor, photos and full information.

We should make it clear that we have no connection or financial interest in the Spill Stopper Training Cup.  Kevin contacted us to ask what we thought of his invention and we were impressed.  Also, with a company name like “daddio!” how could we not help get the word out?  We have never used Kickstarter, so do your own research – but if you want to help do it soon as this campaign ends on March 24th, 2012.

More Information:

Spill Stopper Training Cup Kickstarter Page

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