Be Our One Millionth Viewer and Win a Million!- Too Good To Be True?

Coupon Value

Dad Does Blog YouTube Channel

Take a look at the above screen grab taken on 2/28/12 for the DadDoesBlog YouTube Channel.  No, we are not talking about the dancing robot with hearts for eyes – what’s so special about that?  No, we are talking about the number of views to our little YouTube Channel…here let’s blow it up a little…

YouTube Views

Somehow we are closing in on the 1 Million Video Views mark on our YouTube Channel –


Be Our One Millionth Viewer and Win a Million!

We are so excited to be closing in on one million views for our product review videos that we wanted to do something really special to thank you.  In a completely unprecedented move for Dad Bloggers, we are pulling out all the stops and giving away 1,000,000…


Indonesian Rupiah! Yep, what could be more valuable than an Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)?  Okay, fine, pretty much anything you can imagine is worth more than 1 IDR.  You know how every coupon says cash value of 1/20 of a cent –

Coupon Value

That would make the coupon worth about 4.5 IDR!  Still, add a million IDR up and guess what you come up with?  About $100 – not bad!

To Make Life Easier, We Will Give You Dollars Instead of Rupiahs

As 1,000,000 Rupiahs equals about $100 dollars, I think we will keep things simple and giveaway $100.  Yes, we would have loved to have given away $1,000,000, but our system for predicting the lottery is still in the beta stages.

In all honesty, we are thrilled and humbled that our product review videos have been watched almost 1,000,000 times and we do want to say thank you! Over the course of the 160 plus videos, I have humiliated myself, my wife, my kids and anyone else I could sucker persuade to be in the videos.  Looking back, the most impressive achievements from closing in on a million views are: my wife is still willing to be seen in public with me; my kids still speak to me and most impressive of all, I have not posted the video I have of a gorilla picking his nose and eating it (which clearly would have put us over 2 million views).

Winning the $100 Is Easy

Here is how the contest will work…

We are at about 964,000 views on 2/28/12.  At some point in the next few weeks we hope to break the 1 million views mark on our YouTube Channel.  Be the first person to take a screen grab of our YouTube Channel when it goes over 1 Million views, post the screen grab on our Facebook page and you win the $100!

Like your information in steps?  Here you go –

Step 1:  Visit Our YouTube Channel

Check our YouTube Channel (http://www.YouTube.Com/DadDoesBlog) over the next few weeks and look at the total views – it will be in the upper right hand corner.  As soon as that number hits 1,000,000 or more, take a screen grab of the page.  To do a screen grab, just hit the “PRT SC” key on your keyboard.

Step 2:  Post the Screen Grab on Our FaceBook Page

Once you have an image showing our YouTube channel over 1,000,000 views hustle over to our FaceBook Page (http://www.FaceBook.Com/DadDoes) and post the image on our wall.

Step 3: Collect $100

If you are the first person to post the image on our FaceBook wall – you win the $100!  Take a trip to Indonesia and instantly turn the $100 into 1,000,000 IDR!

In All Seriousness, Thank You For Watching

We wish everyone luck in this contest, but we also wanted to thank everyone for watching our videos.  We really do enjoy producing the videos and testing out new products and it means the world to us that people watch them.  On a side note, I have a video of a gorilla picking his nose and eating it – I would be willing to sell it, for say, $100?

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