Top 10 Shooting Toys from Toy Fair 2012, Because Even Kids Have Bad Days

Koosh solar recon blaster

It’s not easy being a kid.   Homework to do, rooms to be cleaned, constantly needing to teach your parents how to operate the DVR.   Kids need a way to let off a little steam, and what better way than firing off some projectiles at your siblings?

Last year we did our article on the Top 7 Toys For When You Just Want to Shoot Something.  In 2011 we had some new technology in the world of shooting toys – things like the Max Force line of paper bullet guns and the Xploderz line of gel ball blasters.

After demoing some of the new shooting toys at Toy Fair 2012, it looks like this year will be more of an evolution of current shooting toys rather than a year of new technologies.   Still, there are plenty of fun new ways to shoot your siblings in 2012…

Top 10 Toys for Shooting Fun in 2012

#1. Nerf N-Strike Rayven Blaster With Firefly Technology

Nerf N-Strike Rayven

Why let darkness stop your shooting fun? In Spring 2012 you will be able to light up your play with the glow-in-the-dark action of the N-STRIKE RAYVEN blaster.  The RAYVEN blaster is a motorized semi-automatic dart blaster with unique Firefly-inspired styling, and comes complete with an 18-dart Firefly Tech clip which charges 18 glow-in-the-dark darts. Glow in the dark darts have been around before, but now the blaster itself charges up the darts for increased glowing power.

Ages 8 years & up /Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Spring 2012

#2. Nerf N-Strike ELITE

Nerf N-Strike Elite

Nerf loves to do big product launches on 9/9 (the anniversary of Nerf) and for 9/9/12 they are promising their most advanced Nerf blasters ever!  The N-Strike ELITE series will have a range of 75 feet and use new advanced darts.  Very little information was actually given at Toy Fair 2012 and they were NOT demoing any Elite blasters.  They were showing this video.  Looks cool, but we will have to wait until 9/9/12 to see if the Nerf N-Strike ELITE really lives up to the hype.

#3. Vapor Delta 500 Gel Ammo Blaster by Razor

Vapor Delta 500 Blaster

The second model in the new line of Vapor gel ammo blasters developed by Razor USA LLC, the Vapor Delta 500 is the big daddy.  Load and shoot up to 100 rounds of Vapor Gel Ammo without reloading.  The rifle-like blaster features real trigger action and long-range firing up to 80 feet. It comes with 500 rounds of ready-to-go Vapor Gel Ammo for the ultimate battle. No mess, no fuss, just blast away – you never have to retrieve the Vapor Gel Ammo, just let it evaporate.

Ages 14+, MSRP: $24.99, Available Spring 2012

#4. Max Force Shock Blaster-70 by Jakks Pacific

Shock Blaster 70 Max Force Shadow Hawk

The Max Force Shadow Hawk line debuted in 2011 and spit balls became cool again. You can check out our Max Force Shadow Hawk reviews and video to see what the paper bullet system is all about. New for 2012 is the Shock Blaster 70 with rapid fire action. The addition of an ammo chain to hold multiple rounds of bullets should make for more fun and less reloading!

#5. Moo Popper by Hog Wild Toys

Moo Popper

Who says shooting toys have to look like guns?  How about blasters in the shape of  a cow, penguin, bear, moose or other cute animals?  Hog Wild Toys says let the animals shoot!  Just squeeze to launch the soft foam flying balls, the harder you squeeze, the further it shoots.  Moo Popper is air powered and safe for indoor, and outdoor play.

Moo Popper at Hog Wild Toys

#6. Air Storm Z-X Cross Bow by Zing Toys

Z-X Bow

The Air Storm Z-X CrossBow has Power Swing technology, the bow arms pop open for action and send super-soft suction cup Zartz flying. Lock ‘n’ load your ammo for anytime-action. Pull the trigger to hit and stick targets from over 45 feet!  The Z-X CrossBow does not have the longest range, but the trigger launch system makes this a very fun cross bow system.

Spring 2012.  Ages 8+  $19.99

#7.  Air Storm Zip-Bak Bow by Zing Toys

Zip Bak Bow

Need more range than the Air Storm Z-X CrossBow provides? Take aim with the Zip-Bak Bow, a long range bow that sends foam arrows flying over 95 feet.  This compact shooter transforms into firing mode with Power Swing technology.  Ready, aim, fire as the bow arms pop open for extra action and added punch. Soft foam Z-Arrows fly right on target and feature bounce-back action–catch them on the fly.

Spring 2012.  Ages 8+  $14.99

#8. Xploderz XBow 1500

Xploderz Xbow

In 2011, we reviewed the new Xploderz Blasters, the revolutionary toy blaster line that fires patented gel-like ammunition, and we were impressed!  In 2012, the Maya Group adds the Xploderz XBow 1500, adding a super-cool, mid-range blaster to its arsenal of fun. Fusing ancient crossbow play with modern design and technology, the XploderzXBow 1500 reaches distances of up to 75 feet.

The revolutionary firing and ammunition system of the Xploderz line allows kids to achieve record distances without compromising on safety. The hydrated ammo is strong enough to shoot long distances, yet soft enough to disintegrate on impact.  The XploderzXBow 1500 comes with 1,500 rounds of Xploderz Ammo. Each clip holds 75 rounds of Xploderz ammo.

#9. Lazer Tag Blaster by Hasbro

Lazer Tag

Augmented Reality comes to laser tag!  Live the mission and conquer opposing forces with the innovative LAZER TAG blaster from Hasbro.  For solo campaigns, players begin the game by simply downloading the free LAZER TAG app to an iPhone or iPodTouch device and then connecting the device to the blaster. Players are then immersed in a live-action virtual gaming experience like no other.  The on-screen Heads Up Display reveals virtual foes and targets in single-player mode and real-life worlds in multi-player mode, all while keeping track of remaining power and hits.  LAZER TAG blasters boast a virtual firing range of over 250 feet. Game may be played in single-player mode, or in multi-player mode with up to 24 people.

I have to say, I really wanted to hate the Lazer Tag blasters.  The idea of giving my kids an iPhone to hook up to a Lazer Tag blaster seems like a recipe for disaster.  The problem is, after seeing a demo of the blasters, it did look incredibly cool and fun!

Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: August 1, 2012

#10. Koosh Solar Recon Ball Launcher Blaster by Hasbro

Koosh solar recon blaster

Why let the big kids have all the fun when it comes to shooting toys?  The new line of Koosh blasters is made for the smaller hands of 3-6 year olds.  Guard the galaxy with glow-in-the-dark blasting power and awesome sounds and lights.  Feed the KOOSH balls through the top of the ball launcher and watch as the LED lights brighten and charge the glow-in-the-dark KOOSH balls for awesome glow in the dark blasting effects! Kids can hear the ball launcher powering-up, firing and going back into stand-by mode, so they can be prepared for their next adventure.

Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $26.99/Available: Fall 2012

Here is a quick video of Koosh Blasters in action –

There you have it, 10 of the best new shooting toys for 2012.  Stay tuned, as we still have plenty of Toy Fair 2012 coverage on the way.

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