The Video Recap of Toy Fair 2012 Strikes Back – Part 2

Toy Fair 2012 Recap

Toy Fair 2012 Recap

Last week we did our Video Recap of Toy Fair 2012, but with over 100,000 toys at Toy Fair – one video recap review just doesn’t do the show justice.  So, here are some more video highlights of what we saw at Toy Fair 2012…

In no particular order, here are some of toys we saw at Toy Fair 2012.  If you prefer to do your watching over at YouTube you can hop over to our channel –


and watch our Toy Fair 2012 Playlist.

The Most Huggable Dog at Toy Fair 2012

Sure stuffed animals and plush toys are cute, but have you ever wondered which of these stuffies is really the most huggable?  Noelle, did – so we sent her on a quest to find THE most huggable stuffed dog at Toy Fair.  Don’t let it be said that DadDoes.Com does not do hard hitting journalism!

The Most Huggable Dog At Toy Fair 2012

Koosh Galaxy Blasters by Hasbro

You think you know Koosh balls?  You don’t know THESE koosh balls!  Yep, Hasbro has redesigned Koosh into a sort of Nerf gun for the 7 and under crowd…

Koosh Galaxy Blasters at Toy Fair 2012

Fijit Friends Yippits and Newbies from Mattel

Mattel won a Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) for Fijit Friends in 2012, so what do they have planned for an encore?  More friends for Fijit!  New for 2012 are the Newbies…kiss your sanity goodbye…

Fijit Friends Yippits and Newbies from Mattel at Toy Fair 2012

Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing

These cars are small, super fast, remote controlled and do incredible loops on the tracks.  Come on, you know you want to take a look…

Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing RC Cars

New G.I. Joe Toys from Hasbro

A G.I. Joe movie starring Bruce Willis and The Rock is due out summer 2012, which means a whole new line of G.I. toys.  There are actually some really cool toys in this line, like a gun that turns into a knife!

New G.I. Joe Toys from Hasbro for 2012

Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle by Fisher Price

Man, I would have loved to have this toy as a kid!  Your basic cool castle, but updated with sensors for even more fun – very cool!

Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle by Fisher Price

Monsuno Toys by Jakks Pacific

The new Monsuno animated series just launched on NickToons, so you know the Monsuno toys are coming –

Monsuno Toys

Cars Micro Drifters

Good, clean, simple fun.  All your favorite Disney Cars characters with a little ball in them so they roll around a track.  No batteries, no fuss…

Disney Cars Micro Drifters

Bonka Zonks from Marvel

All your favorite Marvel Superheros in mini form.  The idea is to Flick, Stack, Spin and Attack.  My idea as a Dad is to try not to step on these things in the middle of the night…

Bonka Zonks from Marvel

That is all for now, make sure you check out Part I – Video Recap of Toy Fair 2012 for even more videos.  Of course, don’t forget about our updated list of article recaps of Toy Fair 2012 as well.

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