Love Toys But Hate Reading? Feast on Our Video Recaps of Toy Fair 2012

Toy fair 2012 Yoda

Toy fair 2012 Yoda

The pen is mightier than the sword.  Pens are used to write words.  Swords are used primarily to chop off people’s heads.  By inference, words are evil things that kill people.  So words be damned, we can tell the tale of Toy Fair 2012 by using magical moving images AKA video.

Video Recap of Toy Fair 2012 – Like Being There…Without the $4 Hot Dogs

Maybe you couldn’t make it to the International Toy Fair 2012 in NYC that took place February 12-15th, 2012.   While we can not recreate the thrill of spending $4 on a sub-par hot dog at the Javits Center, we can show you many of the fun new toys for 2012 that were on display at Toy Fair.

In no particular order, here are some of toys we saw at Toy Fair 2012.  If you prefer to do your watching over at YouTube you can hop over to our channel –


and watch our Toy Fair 2012 Playlist.

Tosy DiscoRobo

He dances, he’s a robot – need we say more?

Tosy DiscoRobo  – Dancing Robot Video

Toop, The Ultimate Battle Motorized Spinning Tops by Tosy

There are spinning tops, then there are Toop Tops – motorized tops that will spin for 4 hours straight…

Toop, Motorized Spinning Tops Video

Air Hogs Battle Tracker

You’ve seen plenty of RC Helicopters.  You’ve seen toys that shoot little missiles.  The question is, have you seen an RC helicopter that shoots missiles at a battle turret that is automatically firing missiles back at it?  You have now…

Air Hogs Battle Tracker video

Star Wars Fighter Pods, Amped and More

If you love Star Wars, 2012 will be a very good year for you!  Here is a quick look at some of the new Star Wars toys that Hasbro has planned for 2012…

Video of New Star Wars Toys for 2012 from Hasbro

Meep! Tablet by Oregon Scientific

Tired of the kids taking over your iPad?  The Meep! may be your new best friend.  Built kid tough, this $149 Android tablet looks pretty impressive…

Meep! Android 4.0 Tablet for Kids

Brobo – Your Nighttime Robot Friend

A robot from the future to help the kids sleep? Great, does he do dishes too?

Brobo Robot video


Like your robots to be a little more artistic- maybe like something from Hugo?  Do we have the robot for you…

SketRobo Sketching Robot Video

BeyBlade XTS, BeyBlade Dome,  BeyWheelz

Think you have seen it all when it comes to Beyblades?  You ain’t see nothing yet!  In 2012 Hasbro has a number of new Beyblade toys, here is a quick look…

BeyBlade XTS, BeyWheelz, Battle Dome Video

Glove Force Force Flyers

Using a remote control to fly your RC Helicopter is so 2011.   Talk to the hand!

Video of Glove Force, Force Flyers

Now For the Scary Fact of The Day…

All of the above is only about half of the video we shot!  We will give your eyes a chance to rest and in the next few days release the sequel to our Toy Fair 2012 Video Recap.

UPDATE: Here it is – Part 2 in Our Toy Fair 2012 Video Recaps

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