Jamming with The Paper Jamz Guitar (by WowWee)- Real Dad Product Review

Paper Jamz Guitar by Wowwee

Paper Jamz Guitar by Wowwee

By TechyDad

Dan here – This is part of our Real Dads (and Moms) Review The Top 16 Holiday Toys for 2010 series. We sent out the hot holiday toys to our members and in this series they are sharing their honest reviews before you waste any money on a flop! Want to get in on the fun next time – Join Us. Take it away, TechyDad…

Guitar Jamming – Kid Style

JSL loves playing guitar.  I think this might have been due to him watching The Wiggles since he was very young.  He has a little toy guitar that he likes using for ad libbed songs.  He’ll make up songs to play his guitar to for just about anything that happens in our house.  Top hits include “NHL Going To Sleep”, “Mommy Taking A Shower” and, yes, even “Daddy Going Potty.”  (Nothing like being serenaded by a 3 year old while answering nature’s call.)

Jamming with Paper Jamz

Most of the time, his toy guitar wasn’t even on, but he liked strumming it as if it were real.  I was sure he would like a more realistic guitar to play with.  Enter the Paper Jamz by WowWee.

The boys were intrigued with the box that arrived at our door.  Inside of it was a plastic guitar.  Despite the name, Paper Jamz seems to be made of plastic, not paper.  This is a good thing because I was worried about how well a paper guitar would hold up to a 7 year old and 3 year old.  Heavy metal rock stars might smash their guitars after a passionate set, but they have nothing on the destructive potential of little kids.  So far, Paper Jamz has withstood their
playtime antics.

Paper Jamz Guitar

Paper Jamz Many Modes of Operation

Each Paper Jamz guitar (and there are many, many different ones) has 7 modes.  Modes are changed by pressing your finger on the modes “button” (though there isn’t anything raised and it doesn’t push in) and then putting your finger on the guitar’s neck at the appropriately labeled spot.  A brief intro will play and then you’ll hear a short countdown before the actual jamming starts.

Three of these modes will play a song with vocals.  You hold the guitar, strum it and it “magically” plays the right note.  You don’t need to worry about finger position or anything else.  All you need to worry about is just how much are you going to rock out during “End Of The World As We Know It”?

The next three modes are identical to the first three, except without the vocals.  This way, you can showcase your amazing magical guitar skills *and* your vocal talents.  Finally, there’s a “freestyle” mode that lets you rock out as if Paper Jamz was a real guitar.  Yes, finger placement counts here.  Of course, I have no idea how to play a real guitar (closest I came was playing the violin in High School) so I just made a lot of noise with it.

Speaking of noise, volume can be controlled in a similar manner to the modes, except you slide your finger up or down the guitar’s neck to raise/lower the volume.  There’s also a line out jack so you can connect it to an amp (to go really loud) or headphones (to go really quiet).

More Paper Jamz Fun

Conclusion on the Paper Jamz Guitar – Does It Rock?

The boys had a blast taking turns rocking out and dancing while playing the music.  In fact, if I had to identify one weakness of the Paper Jamz guitar, it would be that there was only one of them.  We needed at least three: One for NHL, one for JSL and one for me!

Given that Paper Jamz retails for $25, it is not an unreasonable expense.   I would recommend the Paper Jamz Guitar by Wow Wee.  Now, we just need to leaf through their offerings and see whether any others will do to fill out our family guitar band. (Touring soon in a city near me.)  Rock on!

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