Honey, Kids – Pack your Bags, We Are Going on a Trip to the Space Station



Looking to add some excitement to your family vacations?  How about a trip to the International Space Station?  Then the kids would really have something to write for what they did on their summer vacation!  One little catch, you need to wait until at least 2015 and you need to be obscenely, disgustingly rich!

Boeing Plans to Enter Space Tourism Business

Boeing said that flights could begin as early as 2015 and would depart from Cape Canaveral in Florida and go to the International Space Station.   While no price has been set yet, it is expected to be in the millions of dollars per ticket, but hey, Disney is pricey too and aren’t your kids worth it?

The New Business Model – Sell Every Seat!

The Boeing Space capsule will seat seven, since the Space Station only needs a crew of four, that means Boeing has 3 extra seats to sell.  This will be done in partnership with NASA, so selling empty seats on a spaceship seems like a great way for our crash strapped government to raise some money.

Why Stop at SpaceShips?  Sell All the Seats!

This got us thinking here at Dad Does – where else are there open seats that could be sold for family vacations?  How about in a Tank?  What kids wouldn’t love that?  Police cars… you could fit a family of three in the backseat… until they caught someone.   That is fine, then they dump your family out and you buy a ticket to ride in an ambulance that is unoccuppied.  Sirens, drugs, needles – sounds like the perfect family vacation.

[Boeing Enters Space Tourism Business – New York Times]

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