Blok Squad: Fire Patrol Station, Do People With Blocky Bodies Make Good Firefighters?

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I used to think, if my house was burning down I would want to see strong, muscular firefighters running in to save me.  Now I have learned that you really can’t judge a firefighter by his or her looks.  It turns out that small, blocky, rectangular people do make awesome firefighters!

Blok Squad: Fire Patrol Station – For Kids Who Like to Build and Rescue

We recently had the chance to do some building with the Mega Bloks Blok Squad: Fire Patrol Station Set (956 pieces).  With the huge appeal of Lego, it can be easy to forget that Lego is not the only company that makes those little blocks that click together and turn into fun creation.  In fact, as we walked the Toy Fair 2012, Lego had a nice booth, but Mega Bloks also was showing off some very cool construction sets for 2012.  More on all that in another post, but for now let’s look at what you get in the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station Set -

All missions are possible when you work together with four Rescue vehicles as you control their efforts from the Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station! The alarm has gone off inside the Fire Patrol Station! Have your Blok Squad Firefighters slide down the fire pole as they spring into action! Its extra large helipad can handle any size helicopter, while its dual garage doors and full toolbox keep all Fire Patrol ground vehicles rescue ready!

Build all four Rescue vehicles and lead the way with the Fire Command 4×4 Truck, climb the ladder to help save trapped people on the top floors with the Ladder Truck TL, airlift trapped civilians out of trouble with the Rescue Chopper and keep them all protected inside the Fire Rescue Carrier!

Combine the Fire Patrol Station with other Blok Squad vehicles to build super rescue trucks that can knock down any door, carry injured civilians to a hospital or put out any 5-alarm blaze!

Ideal for children ages 6 and up.


  • Buildable Fire Patrol Station team of Fire Command 4×4 Truck, Fire Rescue Chopper, Fire Rescue Carrier and Fire Ladder Truck TL with 956 pieces
  • Includes 5 Blok Squad Firefighters
  • Collect them all and combine Blok Squad vehicles to create super rescue trucks to complete any mission and save the day.

Who Will Like The Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station?

Kids who love Lego and other construction toys will love the Fire Patrol Station.  The ability to build four vehicles makes this a great sharing toy.  Someone can be the helicopter while their friend is doing the ground work with the Fire Ladder truck.  If you have kids who are into building AND fire trucks – the Fire Patrol Station will be a huge hit.

Mega Bloks

As the above photo shows, you really do get a lot of items with this set.  Having 5 figures is great, kids love the figures!  The vehicles are functional and fun and kids have a blast pretending to rescue people.

Who Will NOT Like the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station?

Some kids love the block construction kits, other kids don’t.  If your kids are not into Lego then the Fire Patrol Station is not the right toy for them.   Unless you want to be heavily involved in the assembly of the Fire Patrol Station, this toy is probably best for kids ages 7 and up.  Younger kids will still love playing with it when it is all built, but if the idea is to have the kids build it, probably best for ages seven and up.

Overall, if you have kids ages 6 – 10 who love to build, they will have a good time with the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station.  If your kids are also into fire trucks, they will LOVE the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station.

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