Toy Fair 2012 Begins, Every Toy You Own is Now Obsolete

Toys 2012

Toys 2012

We hope the kids really enjoyed all the toys they got for Christmas 2011.  The toys had a good run, a good 6 weeks of being the latest and greatest, must have or my world will collapse, top toys.  Well, start bagging up those relics and preparing to donate them to charity.  I am sure some family at Christmas 2012 will find it nostalgic to get those “old” 2011 top toys.

Toy Fair 2012 in NYC Is Underway and We Are Here

A busy time here in New York City.  The Giants are Super Bowl Champions and taking a victory lap around the city.  Fashion Week is kicking off.  Rats and pigeons are in negotiations to take full control of the city once and for all.  Of course, all anyone can really talk about is Toy Fair 2012.

What is Toy Fair 2012?  Here is the quick recap –

The 109th Annual American International Toy Fair® is the the largest toy tradeshow in the Western Hemisphere:

  • 1,066 total exhibitors from 24 countries
  • Over 100,000 toys and games on display
  • More than 31,000 participants (including nearly 20,000 retailers, wholesalers, importers, buying groups and trade guests) from 100 countries.
  • 365,850 net square feet of show space at the Javits Convention Center
  • Runs from 02/12/12 – 02/15/12

No, We Have Not Invented a Time Machine…Yet

Astute readers will notice that Toy Fair starts on 02/12, yet here we are on 02/09 covering the Toy Fair.   I think we were just one bolt away from having the time machine working, but for now it just makes coffee.  No, we are covering the Toy Fair today because Toy Fair is too big to contain in a few days.  Official Toy Fair events may kick off on 02/12, but pre-events are underway and we will be providing coverage.

What Will Dad Does Be Covering for Toy Fair 2012?

Basically, anything fun!  This is the one time of the year where our lack of willingness to mature and grow up is a blessing and not a curse.  Here is a quick preview of some of the coverage we have planned –

  • Today we get a sneak peek of Monsuno – the new animated series coming to Nicktoons on 2/23/12.   I’ll give you 500,000 to 1 odds that there will be some toys tied in with the show.
  • Saturday the Toy Industry of America hands out awards for the Top Toys of 2011.  We will let you know the winners and of course what they were wearing.
  • Starting Sunday, Toy Fair Officially Kicks Off and We Start Playing!
  • We look at a robot who can draw a picture of your face
  • We jump on a Razor scooter and try to get back off in one piece
  • We report on anything that flies…because what’s better than a flying toy?

Most Importantly, We Become You Eyes and Ears

I just came up with a new slogan for Dad Does – “we play for you“.  Catchy, no?   This year we want you to vote on the top toys for 2012.  Since you can not be at Toy Fair, we will be your eyes and ears and then as we explain in this post, you can vote on what were the best toys from Toy Fair 2012.

Check Back Here For All The Latest Updates

Time for us to get playing!  You can favorite this page and we will update this page as we cover toy fair related events.

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