Best Toys of 2012? Get Your Judge’s Hat On Because You Are Picking The Top Toys

by nessel on February 6, 2012

Toy Fair 2012

Do judges wear hats?  No, I guess they don’t.  Well, put on your robe then, we got some toy judging to do.  Confused? Strange,  can’t see why you would be.  Oh, you weren’t privy to the conversation going on in my head before I started writing this article?  Then I should probably start from the beginning…

Toy Fair 2012 Is Set to Take Over New York City

Sure the Giants just won the Super Bowl, but really all the buzz on  the streets is about the giant collection of toys that will soon inhabit the Jacob Javits Center.  Yes, Toy Fair NYC 2012 will be running from 2/12/12 – 2/15/12.  What exactly is the Toy Fair…

The 109th Annual American International Toy Fair® is the the largest toy tradeshow in the Western Hemisphere:

  • 1,066 total exhibitors from 24 countries
  • Over 100,000 toys and games on display
  • More than 31,000 participants (including nearly 20,000 retailers, wholesalers, importers, buying groups and trade guests) from 100 countries.
  • 365,850 net square feet of show space at the Javits Convention Center

Basically, Toy Fair is the place where the toy industry decides which toys your kids will be begging for come Christmas 2012.

Alert: We have now completed our Guide to The Best Toys of 2012 – have a look! If you are reading this before 11/30/12, you can WIN the best toys of the year – $1,400 in Toys, 25 Winners – click here for full details!

This Year We Want YOU To Pick The Top Toys from Toy Fair 2012!

The toy industry is very good at giving awards to itself.  On Saturday, 2/11, the Toy Industry Association’s (TIA) will hold its Toy of The Year (TOTY) Awards ceremony.   Top toys for 2011 will be picked from 77 TOTY finalists across 11 categories.   This is all well and good, but we really think that parents and kids should pick the top toys.  This way, when you are sleeping outside a toy store on Dec 21st, trying to get your hands on the impossible to get but my son will die without it hottest toy of the year…you can at least take comfort in knowing that you brought this misery onto yourself!

We Will Be Your Eyes and Ears at Toy Fair NYC 2012

The Toy Fair is an industry only event, not open to the general public and no kids allowed!  So, we will be your scouts.  Dad Does will be providing extensive coverage of all the events connected with Toy Fair 2012.  Yes, this Thursday will take a sneak peak at the new Monsuno animated cartoon and the toys that go with it.  Then we jump into the show and check out all the new toys that will be coming to market in 2012.

Over the next two weeks we will be your eyes and ears for Toy Fair 2012.  We will provide information on the cool new toys and then you will vote on what you think will be the top toys of 2012.   Stay tuned as we are still figuring out the method of casting your vote, but we are leaning toward screaming your choice out your window.

Be Subjective Today Because Soon We Will Need Your Complete Objectivity

Get all the bias out of your system now, because in a few weeks you will have to pick the top toys for 2012.  I am sure you can imagine just how serious this matter is and we will expect your 100% objectivity.   Forget jury duty, forget volunteering in the community, don’t even think about saving babies from a burning building – your civic duty to this country is to pick the best toys for 2012.  The fate of the 2012 holiday season rests in your hands.

Alert: We have now completed our Guide to The Best Toys of 2012 – have a look! If you are reading this before 11/30/12, you can WIN the best toys of the year – $1,400 in Toys, 25 Winners – click here for full details!

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  • Mary

    24 countries? Which country – other than the obvious choices of the US and some Asian nations- would you consider to be the most intriguing?

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  • Wuggles

    Thanks for this post on the 2012 Toy Fair in NYC.  I hope you had a great time.

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