The Completely Incomplete CES 2012 Recap, For People Who Don’t Like to Read

CES 2012

CES 2012 Video Recap

We have written a great deal about all the cool gadgets we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas.  From the top gadgets to make a parent’s life easier to fitness gadgets to get you going.   The problem is, by writing our updates we have completely excluded that large segment of our audience who just isn’t into the whole reading thing.  So, enough of these worthless words….

The Completely Incomplete Consumer Electronics Show Recap For Non-Readers

Want to rest your eyes?  You’ve come to the right site.  Click the link below, close your eyes and then hear me talk about gadgets on 93.9 FM The River –

93.9 FM, The River Radio Interview on Parent Gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show

Prefer your gadget news to be accompanied by nice moving images?  Here you go –

Want to see why I could now die a happy man?  Watch my love affair with the Nintendo Wii U –

Less into video games and more into trash and wine?  Got ya covered –

Want to see how the robot race that will enslave us gets started? They look like such innocent blocks…

Gadgets We Actually Got To Test and Review

We don’t rest on our laurels!  Since CES, we have been busy trying to get our hands on some of the hot gadgets we saw, so we could do full reviews.  Here are a few videos of what we reviewed so far…

Don’t Leave Your Couch Part I – HD Video Chat Comes to Your TV with Biscotti –

Don’t Leave Your Couch Part II – Dancing Cats Playing the Piano Comes to Your TV with Boxee Box –

Get The Hell Off Your Couch Part I – myTREK Pulse Monitor, Gets Your Heart in The Zone –

Get The Hell Off Your Couch Part II – GeoPalz Kid’s Pedometer Proves That Bribery Is The Best Form of Parenting

Get Your Dirty Hands off My iPad – The 60Beat GamePad Puts An End to Rampant iPad Fondling –

There you have it – the words free, completely incomplete recap for the Consumer Electronics show.  Check back often as we will try to remove parts of the videos to make sure our coverage is truly the most incomplete in the business!

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CES 2012

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