Review: Beyblade Triple Battle Set, Two Tops Enter, One Survives

BeyBlade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set

BeyBlade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set

I have a developed a foolproof test to determine if you have 7-10 year old boys in your house.  Take a look at these terms…

Face bolt, Battle Core, Spin Track, Meteo L-Drago, Let It Rip

If you actually understand those terms, you have a 7-10 year old boy in your house!  For those of you not in the know, we are of course talking about Beyblades – the performance spinning tops that 7 year old boys must collect or the world will end.

As I have a 7 year old boy, I didn’t really have a choice when Hasbro asked if we wanted to review the Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set.  If I passed on the opportunity, and my son found out, I am pretty sure he would round up every “#1 Dad” Father’s Day card he ever game me and shred them.

Beyblades, Like Tops, But With Really Cool Names

It seems every generation has a game where they spin tops and battle to see which top is the last one standing.  This generation gets Beyblades – like normal tops, but with cool names, stadiums to battle in, interchangeable parts, an online game and crazy launchers.  If you are looking to get started in the world of Beyblades, the Beyblade Triple Battle Set is a good first step.  Let’s take a look at our video review of the Beyblade Triple Battle Set -

Beyblade Triple Battle Set, Good Clean Fun

As the video shows, Beyblades are basically high performance spinning tops.   The incredible thing is that battling spinning tops is still incredibly fun!  As they say, Let It Rip and then watch the Beyblades battle.   The Beyblade Triple Battle set is a great toy for kids to play with when the weather is too bad to go out.  Of course, it won’t take long before the kids want more than just the two Beyblades that the set comes with.

Beyblades From The Child’s Point of View

Beyblades are awesome!  The Midnight Bull is a fine top, but clearly I’ll need to round out my collection with a few of the Tornado Battlers if I want to be competitive with my friends.  My friend Bobbie said his parents bought him all the Electro Battlers, as the LED lights are an absolute necessity for night battles.  Bobbie also said that my parents clearly don’t love me if you don’t get me the IR Spin Control Ray Striker with on command power boosts.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to go battle my beyblades online, since you won’t let Bobbie come over any more.

Beyblades From a Dad’s Point of View

Beyblades are fun-  nice simple spinning tops like I used to play with as a kid.  What’s that – they make how many different beyblades?  You really need to collect them all?  Wait, that rare Japanese beyblade looks just like the beyblade I bought you last week.  No, you don’t need a Beyblade locker for your beyblades – I used to keep my tops in a shoebox…and walk 5 miles to school in the snow.  I don’t care what Bobbie says, there is now way I’m getting you an IR Launcher.  What?  You can change the direction of the Beyblade by pushing a button on the remote launcher, well that is pretty cool.  Son, don’t tell Mom but I got two IR Launchers and some Electro Battlers, let’s go turn off the lights and battle!

Prepare to Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Beyblades

First off, kids (especially boys 7-10)  just love Beyblades.  So, if your question is, will my son enjoy the Beyblade Triple Battle Set, the answer is absolutely yes! We have a lot of cool toys in the house, but Beyblades are the things my 7 year old ends up playing with the most.  Beyblades spin, battle, have cool names and offer an online component – the perfect storm of fun for 7-10 year old boys.

Parents tend to have a more complicated relationship with Beyblades.   You’ll love the idea of a spinning top toy, that does not require batteries and can provide hours of fun for the kids.   Once your kids start pestering you for every new Beyblade on the market and taking over the computer to play Beyblades online, you will question if these performance spinning tops have magical powers to control your child’s mind.  Then you will secretly sneak into the basement to see if the Ray Striker could ever beat the Tornado Eagle.

In the end, try as you might to not like Beyblades, you will have a hard battle on your hand.   When you see your kids having a great time battling with these spinning tops, you to will become a Beyblade fan.

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