CES2012 Day 1, Mine is Bigger Than Yours!

Sony 150 inch TV

We have survived Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012).  I have a theory that CES is not a technology show, but rather a top secret, giant psychological experiment.  Here is the experiment – dump 150,000 people into Las Vegas, have them wait hours to do anything – get a cab, get into the show, get to the hotel after the show, get a hot dog…you get the idea.  Then sit back and watch to see who snaps first.  My money is on those edgy Dad bloggers…

If Your TV Can Fit Through The Door, It is Way Too Small

Fine, I’ll play along and pretend that CES really is a technology show.  In our first day of coverage one theme became clear – size does matter.

Clearly this LG 55″ 3D OLED TV was the top dog of the show –

World's Largest 3D OLED TV

Sure, 55″ is large for OLED TV’s, but even LG had to out do LG with this –

84" LCD

LG says we got 84″ of Ultra Definition 3D TV – take that…LG??  Don’t adjust your monitor, yes that photo is blurry, but that is what happens when you watch 3D without glasses!

Well, congrats LG you held the record for largest 3D TV…until we walked over to Mitsubishi and saw this –

92 inch TV

Come on guys – we know you can hit triple digits, maybe we will see that tomorrow.  Wait, this just in from Sony –

Sony 150 inch TV

A wearable 150 inch 3D theater – does that count?   I think the next step is just to plug a HDMI cable into your brain.  By the way, look at the photo again, that is a guy wearing the 150 inch 3D theater, watching a video of a guy wearing a 150 inch 3D theater…sorry, did I just melt your mind?

They Should Move CES to Texas Because Everything Is Big At This Show

You think it is just TVs that are super-sized?  Take a look at this zoom lens –

CES Zoom Lens

I bet if you use that Zoom lens to watch your 92″ TV, it looks like a 920″ TV!

How about trying to fit this phone in your pocket –

CES Phone

Even Mario is huge at CES –

Mario at CES

Wait, maybe that cell phone belongs to Mario?

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to the largest thing at CES 2012…

CES Lines

The Lines!

Don’t Worry Real Coverage Is Coming

We’ve been up since 3am, so our ability to actually provide useful information is seriously impaired.  We did see some very cool products today and over the next few days will be providing more complete coverage of CES 2012.  I think I just sat on someone, did I mention it is crowded here?

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