Review: Can A Pair of Gore-Tex Boots Cure My Fear of Soaking Socks?

Gore-Tex Boots

Gore-Tex Boots

Superman had his Kryptonite, Achilles his heel, Samson his hair and I have wet feet.  Yes, every man has his weakness.  During the winter, I can be bundled up and handle even the coldest day…as long as my feet stay dry.  Let that snow seep through my boots and soak into my socks and I quickly collapse into the fetal position screaming, “I can’t feel my toes, for the love of god, someone please save me, I can’t feel my toes!

One Dad’s Quest to Save His Feet…And Dignity

Recently I have become aware of the double takes people do when they see a grown man weeping because his socks are wet.  For 2012, I have decided for both the sake of my feet and dignity, I need to find a pair of waterproof boots.  My quest took me to a name I have heard toss around for years – Gore-Tex.

Gore-Tex Boots, Guaranteed to Keep You Dry

The slogan for Gore-Tex sounded perfect, “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry“.  Sine 1978 Gore has been producing their GoreTex fabric to keep you dry and they have been backing it up with their keep you dry guarantee.  What exactly is Gore-Tex guaranteeing?  Here it is, right from their website –

If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness, or breathability of a GORE-TEX® product then we will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price.

All GORE-TEX® garments and footwear – and only GORE-TEX® garments and footwear – carry our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise.

What does this mean? It means that liquid from the outside won’t get to you on the inside. This includes moisture from the wet grass you’re kneeling in to the sudden squall you get caught in. And that’s a promise.”

Talk is cheap, I had to see for myself if the Gore-Tex boots could really keep my feet dry and toasty warm.  I went with the Timberland City Adventure Traditional – Rugged Moc Toe Chukka Boots with Gore-Tex Technology.  Granted it takes you longer to say the name of these boots than it does to put them on, but they looked good and promised to keep my feet dry.

Take a look at this quick video to see how the boots held up in the water…

Timberland City Adventure Gore-Tex Boots Keep the Water Out and the Comfort In

As the video shows, the Gore-tex boots were absolutely true to their promise – they kept my feet completely dry even as I walked through streams and dumped pricey bottled water on my feet.  While the Timberland City Adventure Gore-Tex boots are waterproof and insulated – they also look and feel great.  Made with real leather, complete with that new leather smell when you open the box, you would never believe these boots are coated in a waterproof material.    This is the real appeal about the Gore-Tex technology, it provides waterproof, insulated protection without sacrificing style or comfort.

As regular readers of Dad Does know, I am a big fan of camping and hiking (check out the KOA Community for great tips on all things outdoors).  In fact, I recently made a New Year’s resolution to spend more time this winter outdoors and being active.   These Gore-Tex boots are so comfortable and dry that I now look forward to running through the snow and ice this winter!

Conclusion:  Gore-Tex Boots Cured My Fear of Soaking Socks

Gore, along with their Gore-Tex technology has been around so long I almost forgot about them.  It turns out if you want to keep your feet dry and warm, without sacrificing style or comfort – Gore-tex footwear is the way to go.  I will continue to test out these boots all winter long and if I have any problems I will update this review.   From the testing we have already done with the Timberland Gore-tex boots, it looks like my fear of soaking socks will be cured.  Now, if only I could figure out what to wear to cure my fear of mimes.

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