New Year’s Resolution? How About Not Hibernating For the Winter

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution

Bears hibernate.  I think I learned in some science class how they manage to sleep the winter away and not turn into fat useless blobs, but the specific scientific details escape me.    What I do know is we are not bears (except for you Yogi – thanks for being a loyal Dad Does reader)  and hibernating really does not work for us humans.   Spending the whole winter inside, with a couple of kids, can actually make the whole family insane.  This year, I am determined to not hibernate for the winter, to stay active and get the family outside and try to keep us all sane.

How To Keep The Outdoor and Active Mindset Working All Winter Long

Here in the Northeast the winter’s can be long and cold.   It is easy to stay in your PJs all weekend long and fall into the “It’s too cold to go out today” mentality.   If I am going to fight these inclinations to be lazy and warm, I am going to need help.  Here is my secret weapon – The KOA Virtual Campfire!

The KOA Virtual Campfire – Real People, Real Advice, Real Fun

Our regular readers have heard me talk about the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) community discussion group before.  Full disclosure, I am a community leader at KOA, but it is something I really enjoy doing because of all the great information that is shared.   The KOA Virtual Campfire is a fun discussion group where people discuss things like camping, outdoor activities, outdoor gear reviews and much more.

Keeping A New Year’s Resolution is All About Motivation and Working Together

So, how will this KOA Virtual Campfire help me achieve my New Year’s resolution of not hibernating this winter?  By providing motivation, ideas and support.   A quick scan of the current Campfire topics shows the following –

Winter Sports

Here you’ll find discussions about snow shoeing, favorite winter activities and more.  This is a great place to get ideas of fun ways to be active this winter.  Have questions or looking for advice?  Just post a discussion and have the group provide some suggestions.

Outdoor Safety

We clearly want to be active and outdoors this winter, but we want to do it in a safe way.  In this topic area you will get safety tips for how to have fun outdoors and stay safe.  No more excuses about it not being safe to be outdoors when it is cold!

Camping Tips and Tricks

This is one of my favorites!  You can find such a great variety of information in this topic area.  Everything from Does Santa Visit Tents to Eating Bugs to Survive.  If you need some tips, tricks and advice to figure out how to get out camping this winter, this is the place to start.

No More Excuses, Let’s Work Together to Be Active This Winter

Join me and all the other members at the KOA Campfire this winter and let’s motivate each other to be active this winter.  Except, for you Yogi – enjoy your long sleep and we will have a nice picnic basket ready for you come the spring.

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