A New Christmas Tradition…Searching For Parts For Broken Toys

fix Toys

fix Toys

Christmas is over, but we are not done giving!  We are now ready to give you the greatest gift of all – your own free, can’t miss, take it the bank, home run, grand slam business idea.  You have exactly 364 days to get this business off the ground, so stop playing with that shiny new gadget you just got and let’s get down to business.

Perhaps, I should back up a little…

Christmas – A Day Filled With Religious Meaning, Family, Gifts and Broken Toys

I am all for family traditions come the holidays.  Get together with all the family for a holiday party? Cool.  See a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve?  Swell.   Go to church, be thankful and watch your kids open presents?  Awesome.  Watch your kids instantly break said presents then furiously go online searching for ways to fix broken toys? Ah…that’s a new one.

For the last two years we have been tracking our traffic and searches on Christmas day and it is amazing.  First, we see about a 300% increase in traffic on Christmas day.  Great, everyone wants to gather the whole family around the old laptop and see what incredibly insightful words of holiday wisdom Dad Does has to offer?  Not so much.   It turns out toys break on Christmas – they break early and they break often.

Christmas Day, AKA, Help My Brand New Toy Just Broke Day

The amount of traffic we get on Christmas for things like –

[Any Popular Holiday Toy] Replacement Parts

[Any Popular Holiday Toy] Repairs

[Any Popular Holiday Toy] Returns

[Any Popular Holiday Toy] Help

How Do I Fix [Any Popular Holiday Toy]

Is absolutely amazing.  We are talking just hours into Christmas day and the mad search for replacement parts is on.  Yes, we review a lot of radio controlled (RC) helicopters and planes, and these do tend to break…but within hours of opening the toy?  It usually takes a few hours just to charge the thing up!

Normally, we are happy to have a surge in traffic, but this is just depressing.  We are just one site, if we are getting all this traffic, I could only imagine what some of the other toy review sites are seeing.  Still, whenever you get dealt a handful of lemons, you crush those lemons and make sweaty hand made lemonade…or something like that.

Introducing Christmas Quick Fix, Open 1 Day A Year!

Back to our gift to you – the ultimate can’t miss business – ChristmasQuickFix.Com .  Yep, you setup a website that sells replacement parts to all the popular toys.  You are open just one day per year – Christmas Day! You have a toll free number, just let all the angry kids (and their Moms and Dads) in the world have someone to talk to when their brand new toy breaks on Christmas Day.   Give them what they need, a shoulder to cry on – when every other place is closed.  Once they are done venting, you sell them the parts they need and say Merry Christmas.  You are solving problems and making kids happy, you are basically a Toy Whisperer.

Sure, it sucks having to work on Christmas, but I think having the other 364 days off should make up for it.  So, get to work and get this business launched by next year.  Once you get it going, let us know – we have some ad space we are looking to sell on 12/25/2012!

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