Super Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide, 7 Gifts You Can Buy, Even on Christmas Eve

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas 2011

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas 2011

It happens to the best of us.  One day you are riffling through the kids Halloween candy trying  find the Snickers and the next thing you know it is Christmas Eve.   No time for chit-chat, it is late in the game and you still need to finish (or start?) your holiday shopping.  No problem, we are going to give you some gifts you can buy right up until the last minute.   Holy crap that clock is moving fast – let’s jump into things, fast…

Top 7 Super Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Gift Cards – The Procrastinator’s Best Friend

Some will say giving gift card’s shows a lack of thought, caring and creativity on your part.  You know what really shows a lack of caring, thought and creativity?  Showing up without any gift!  At this point in the game, a gift card might be the way to go.  Here are some quick links to the most popular –

Amazon Gift Card – Is there anything Amazon does not sell these days?

Amazon Kindle Gift Card – Have a friend who owns a Kindle, prove that you at least gave some thought to the gift card by making it specific for Kindle stuff.  Now that is some serious thoughtfulness and concern on your part!  I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

iTunes Gift Card – perhaps you have heard of this scrappy little start-up?  At this point it is safe to assume that pretty much everyone has an iTunes account for some device.

Gamestop Gift Card – got a gamer in your life?  Let them pick out their favorite video game with this one…then you can’t be directly blamed for buying them an insanely violent video game.

COOL TIP – Buy a Gift Card on Ebay

How do you get a $50 Apple gift card for $40?  Ebay of course!  This is pretty neat, you can often find gift cards being sold for less than face value on ebay – here are a few links to get you started:

Apple Gift Cards on eBay

WalMart Gift Cards on eBay

Gas Gift Cards on eBay

2. Gift of The Month Clubs

Need a gift for a Dad who likes a nice beer? Get him a Beer of the Month Club. More into Bacon – give him a Bacon of the month club. Yes, yes there is a bacon of the month club! Not into Beer or Bacon – what about Boxers with the Boxer of the month club. That is 3 monthly clubs, and we are just on the B’s.

Too hard to pick just one? How about a Gift of the Month Club? Yes, you can pick from over 30 monthly clubs and mix and match to make your own monthly club for everyone on your list.  Maybe cake one month and lobster the next. These clubs make great last minute gifts because you can order right up until December 24th and then just print the form saying the monthly club will start in January.

3. Beer of The Month Not Right for the Kids?  How About Science Kit of the Month?

Here are two things I know.  1. Kids love science kits. 2. Kids hate it when they run out of material in their science kits.  The Young Scientists Club has you covered with their Monthly Science Kit Subscription Service.  You can choose to have a science kit delivered either once or twice per month.  Any kid who loves experiments will love this program and you can feel good knowing you did your part to raise a mad scientist!

4. When Time is Short, Go For Electronic Delivery

You know what moves fast – electrons.  At this point in the game, you don’t have time to have a physical product shipped, so go for electronic delivery.  You can get books, music, videos, video games, photos, software and iPhone and Android apps delivered electronically.  Amazon and iTunes are great places to start if you want to find a plethora of electrons to order.

In 2011, we saw many more electronic delivery gift options for kids.  Kids getting a puppy this year?  Pick up Why Do Puppies Do That, a great ebook.  Looking for a fun ebook that is part book, part cartoon and all fun?  Order up a copy of Brave Rooney.

5. Give An Influential Person’s Brain

Wow, that would be cool if you could actually ship out someone’s brain – especially this close to Christmas.  No, this is the next best thing.  Hop over to Quarterly.Co (yep, just co not com – pretty hip, huh?) and select an influential person in various fields.  Once a quarter that person hand picks a gift and sends it out to the recipient.  Sort of like the gift of the month clubs, but more hip and tied to directly to a person of purpose (whatever that means).

6. Give the Gift of Good

The truth is, whoever you are trying to buy a gift for, probably doesn’t really need anything – that is why it is so hard to find them a gift!  On the other hand, there are lots of people around the world who need everything!  Things like water, food, shelter and books.  Give to a charity in the name of a friend or loved one.   Charity Water is a cool one, $100 a month will give a family of five clean water.

Like the idea of doing good, but also want to give a physical gift to a friend or loved one?  Check out TOMS eyewear.  For every pair of glasses you buy TOMS will help restore sight to a person in need.  Some very cool stories on their site, it will change the way you think about sunglasses.

7. Give a Cool Gift Late

Ask 10 people if they would prefer a crappy gift on time or a cool gift late, 9 out of 10 will go for the cool gift late (the 10th person is probably a crap collector).  We have done hundreds of reviews on Dad Does, just click here to see the products we have reviewed.  Looking for awesome toys?  Take a look at our Best Toys of 2011 guide.  Search around and you will find plenty of great gift guides online.  Print out a description of what you will order and wrap it up nice and put it under the tree as a “coming soon” type of present.

No time for clever closings here, time is ticking – get shopping and –

Happy Holidays!

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