Having a Holiday Party? Add Redbox Games To Make Things More Insane

RedBox Party


Remember summer time?  It is light until 9pm and the kids, cousins and friends spend all their time running around  like mad outside and not driving you mad by being inside.  Flash forward to present day – gets dark around 4:30pm, too cold to play outside – a true recipe for stir craziness.  Wait, you want real craziness? How about a holiday party, kids, cousins and friends all trapped inside…eating sugar cookies.  Yikes, just writing this has me reaching for some heavily spiked eggnog.

Can Redbox Help Parents Survive a Holiday Party?

A week ago a company called Smiley360 contacted us and said they were working with Redbox and wanted to offer us a game and some promo codes so we could add some Redbox fun to a party.  I knew that we had the holiday party with the kids coming up and figured how could we really turn down a company with the word “smiley” in their name.

We had heard of Redbox, the company that has those video and game rental Kiosks popping up all over the place, but had not used it much. The premise is very simple – for about $1/night you can rent DVDs and for $2/night you can rent video games .  It is all self service – a giant vending machine that spits out discs.

We jumped over to the Redbox website, popped in our zipcode and found a Redbox Kiosk less than 2 miles away.  The day of the party we just went to the Kiosk, picked out a few games and within 2 minutes we were on our way.

Please Watch This Quick Video of our Redbox Enhanced Party

The Party Was Still Crazy, But a More Enjoyable Crazy!

As the video shows, the kids were not exactly calm, but they were having a great time playing the Redbox games.  The real advantage to having a few Redbox games at a party is that you can have a variety of games for a low price.  We had kids from 2 -15 years old at the party, so it is nice to be able to pick up a few different games from Redbox to keep everyone happy.  At just $2 per game and about $1 per movie, you can spend about $10 and get 4 games and 2 movies.  As a Dad, I see $10 a small price to pay to keep a whole gaggle of kids entertained for a number of hours!

RedBox Party

What We Like About Redbox:

  • 28,000 Redbox Kiosks Across the USA
  • Can Return Discs to Any Kiosks (great for road trips)
  • Low Cost Way to Try Out Expensive Video Games
  • Quick and Easy
  • Outdoor Kiosks Can Be Used 24 Hours a Day
  • Ability to Check Inventory and Reserve Titles via Redbox.Com

What Could be Improved with the Redbox Experience

  • Some Discs can be Scratched or Dirty
  • Popular Games are Often Out of Stock
  • Can Not Use Promo Codes When Renting Online

Win Some Cool Stuff in the Redbox 12 Days of Deals and Prizes

If you hurry (ends 12/24) you might still be able to win yourself some cool holiday prizes.  Head over to the Redbox Facebook page and learn about their 12 Days of Deals and Prizes promotion.   I know I have not completed my holiday shopping, so I am all for winning some stuff, so I don’t have to set foot in another mall this year!

Conclusion:  Redbox is An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Keep the Kids Entertained

Our experience with Redbox was a positive one.  Renting the games was simple as could be, as was returning them.  Yes, we would like a larger selection of games to be available, but we were still able to find games that the kids really enjoyed.   Redbox machines seem to be everywhere, so cheap entertainment for the kids is never more than a few miles away.  On road trips we often have to make bathroom breaks, but now if things start getting crazy in the back of the Minivan, I am going to make Redbox breaks.

More Information:

Visit the Redbox Site to learn more

Watch the video of our Redbox Party

Learn About the 12 Days of Deals Promotion on the Redbox Facebook Page

Disclosure: We were provided with a video game and promo codes from Smiley360.com .  We were not compensated for this review in any other way.  It might have been nice if they provided sleeping pills for the kids, but hey, to each their own.

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