Expressionary, A Personalized Gift That Brings Emotion To The Dictionary?



Think dictionary and the idea of an emotional, expressive, personal and unique charitable gift does not spring to mind.    This may well be true with your standard dictionary, but the Expressionary, is no standard dictionary.   The Expressionary is an expressive dictionary…what in the world does that mean?  Let’s take a look at a quick video of the Expressionary in action –

What is Expressionary?

Expressionary is a personalized dictionary that you can create to express your feeling for someone.  Here’s a clip from their site –

“At Expressionary we believe that giving is the greatest expression of caring and love. However, purchasing a gift at a department store rarely evokes the kind of emotional significance many of our relationships deserve. The gift of oneself, through thought and expression, is far more valuable a gift. At Expressionary, we believe that the right word has the power to save all, destroy all, stop the inevitable, and express the inexpressible.”

How Do You Create Your Own Expressionary?

The process to create your own Expressionary is straight forward.  You go to the site, upload a photo of someone and then come up with 10 words that express how you feel about that person.  For those 10 words, a photo of the person will be inserted  into an otherwise normal dictionary.  You can then order either a softcover book ($19.95) or a hardcover book ($29.95).

Since we are sick and twisted, we created a slightly deranged Expressionary.   The more common use for Expressionary would be to come up with positive traits about a loved one (smart, caring, loving, funny, etc) and then send them the book as a unique personalized gift.  If you are having trouble finding the right words, the Expressionary site has a word recommendation engine to get you going in the right direction.

Is Expressionary Just a Novelty Gift?

At first glance, it does appear as if Expressionary is just one more example of how easy it has become to print customized books.  A novelty gift, without much depth to it.  It turns, out this first impression is completely wrong.

Expressionary has a very admirable two part mission – to help people express themselves to others and to assist people in need.   10% of the profits from each book are given to a number of different charities that help children.  If you order an Expressionary, when you go to checkout, the system will show you about 5-6 charities and you can select which one will get 10% of the profit from your sale.

As regular readers of Dad Does know, we love companies that give back and do good in the community.  There is something very appealing about asking a user to pick out 10 words that describe how they feel about a loved one and then asking them which charity should be helped.

Conclusion: Expressionary, The Gift That Feels Good

We have all had buyer’s remorse about certain gifts.  Will my wife really appreciate those football shaped oven mitts?  Expressionary is one of those gifts that you feel good about buying.    Picking 10 beautiful words and having a photo of your wife appear under those words really does add an incredible amount of emotion to a dictionary.   Of course the mission of Expressionary, to donate 10% of their profits to help children in need, will make you feel that expressing yourself can help make the world a better place.

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