Review: CanvasTouch Museum Quality Canvas Prints, Will They Do My Kids Justice?

CanvasTouch Closeup


By Johnny Mason

Being somewhat of a photography nerd, I jumped at the chance to review a stretched canvas print from CanvasTouch. I mean, who doesn’t like a little more eye candy for the living room wall? The only requirement on my part was to send the company a hi-res image. Their mission was to bring the awesome.

What Is CanvasTouch?

CanvasTouch is an online canvas printing company.   Simply put, they have a website where you upload a Hi-Res photo and their specialists take your photo and print onto high-quality archival canvas, creating museum quality canvas prints.  The canvases are coated with either a gloss, matte or satin finish and carefully stretched on sturdy stretcher bars. Each canvas is inspected for quality before being properly packaged for delivery to your home.

The concept of Moms and Dads having beautiful canvas prints of their adorable kids hanging from the living room wall sounds great, but it was time to see how a CanvasTouch print actually turned out.

The Moment of Truth, Would CanvasTouch Do My Kids Justice?

Turnaround was reasonably quick and the print came well packaged in a sturdy box. Almost too sturdy. Short of gnashing my teeth in a badger induced frenzy, I finally got the sucker open. Upon sliding the item from the container, I had to pause as the choir of angels in my skull began their moving rendition of “Hallelujah”…it was beautiful.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to the quality of my prints, and CanvasTouch did not disappoint. The colors are extremely rich with depth and trueness. A comparison of the same image on high-end photo lab paper confirmed my declarations of crispness and accurate color production. The material itself is thick and wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame with staples on the back. This thing feels very sturdy, and if I was slightly more off kilter, I might attempt to play a spirited game of ping pong, using the print as a paddle, and probably come out alright.

To appreciate the quality of texture of the canvas you need to see and touch it.  Here is a close-up photo of one small section of the canvas –

CanvasTouch Closeup

Yes, it is hard to tell in the photo, but the canvas has a very nice and sturdy texture to it.

Minor Issues With the CanvasTouch Canvas

So, you know what I like, but nothing’s perfect. If I had to pick some gripes, they are few and certainly not deal breakers. Ready? The sheen on the image is probably too glossy. It can be extremely difficult to see when in direct light. The tightness of the canvas at the top of the image on my sample could have been pulled a little more taut…there is a very slight sagging that catches my eye every now and then. The thickness of the material is pretty apparent in the folds at the corners. Again, a little more tension here would have helped to reduce the puckering.  That’s it. Nothing that would make me cry, and certainly not too distracting to pass on CanvasTouch.

Conclusion:  CanvasTouch is Impressive…And Even More Impressive At 40% Off!

All in all, I think that this would make a great addition to anyone’s décor, and someone receiving this as a gift would probably give you double hugs. Who knows? It may even make them think twice about giving you another ugly sweater this year.

Want to give CanvasTouch a shot?  As an exclusive deal for DadDoes readers you can save a whooping 40% off until January 5, 2012.  Simply create any canvas over on the CanvasTouch website and  just enter coupon code “dadnow11” at checkout (no quotation marks).  A beautiful gift at a great price!

More Information:

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