If An Axe Murderer Uses An Axe That Says Compassion, Is It Really That Bad?

First Aid Kit

Question of the DayIf an axe murderer breaks into your house, wielding an axe that is beautifully crafted and says “Compassion” right on the handle, is he really a bad guy or just a good guy having a bad day?

I mean how mad could you really be if someone came after you with this –

Best Made Axe

Wait, can’t read the handle, let’s take a closer look –

Axe Handle

Come on now, hard to stay mad at a guy wildly swinging an axe that says Compassion!

Best Made Company Proves That Tools Can Be Beautiful…And Expensive

That beautiful axe is from a cool company called Best Made Company.    As far as I can tell the company serves two markets…

1. People who love high quality, hand crafted tools and products

2. People  who can’t figure out how to spend their money fast enough

Here is the incredible description for the American Felling Axe shown above ($250) –

“Dependable, versatile and with a rich and powerful history, the American Felling Axe is the quintessential woodland tool and an icon of American design and ingenuity. Every feature of this axe was meticulously designed by Best Made in New York. The Dayton pattern head is made from high carbon American steel and is drop forged in North Carolina by fourth-generation axe makers. The Best Made helve is lathed from Appalachian hickory and its elegant curvature and slender form factor ensure superior efficiency and safety. Every Best Made axe comes numbered with our documentation and guarantee, and a fitted, top-grain leather blade guard.”

I have absolutely no use for an axe, but I am still completely bummed out to learn that it is out of stock.  What will go on my Christmas list now – a Japanese Hatchet???  Don’t laugh…

Japanese Hatchet

I clearly need this $95 tool for the time I spend in the bush.  What?  Sold out too?  Yes, this is sort of the promise and problem with Best Made Company – things are done in small, beautiful batches – that tend to sell out quickly.  Luckily, it looks like the $85 Sashimi Knife is still in stock –


Someone better get that for me quickly, I would hate to have a knifeless Christmas.  Of course if you are going to buy me a super sharp knife, you will also need to get me the $89 First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Happy Holidays Moms and Dads  – here’s wishing you get something pointy and sharp under the tree this year.

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