Is Caring, Giving and Compassion Dead in America?



A quick scan of the newspapers will find articles about unemployment, the debt crisis, debates on which social programs should be cut and arguments about who deserves things like health care,  food and housing.   It has gotten to a point where I think all newspapers and news websites should have spoiler alerts plastered on the front page – “Warning:  Reading This Publication Will Lead To Depression and a Negative View of All Mankind

Is Compassion Dead in America?

Unfortunately, you can not blame people for now asking this very question.  With so much negativity reported on a daily basis, you do start to question if we are still caring and compassionate people.  The good news is, we absolutely believe that caring, compassion and giving is alive and well!

You Prove That Caring and Compassion Are Very Much Alive and Well

On 12/7/11 at 2pm EST our Giving For Good Giveaway will take place.  When we came up with the plan to giveaway over $2,000 in toys (to both you and families in need) and up to $1,000 in cash to a local Food Bank, we figured we were doing our small part to try to make the holidays a little better for some families.  However, the real prize for us is all the incredible comments people have left on the post.

Jump over to the Giving for Good Giveaway and just read over some of the 400 plus comments.  Here is a small sample –

“I am a subscriber- if I win ALL the toys go to our local TOYS FOR TOTS double win!”

“What a great holiday treat! If I win, I would double that charity gifting by gifting these toys to the more unfortunate kiddos at my school! That would make double the amount of children smile! Of course, I would keep one for my boys too! :)”

“You are doing a truely wonderful hing donating all those toys.I promise if I win that I will donate some of them too. Again Thank You!”

“This a wonderful thing you have here. It will help those that are in need of having a Christmas with less tears, stress, and yes heartache. When growing up as a child we didn’t have much and the kindness of others really made a difference and I to this day try to give back to others. Regardless of your back ground or current circumstance giving is a true joy. I love to give my fellow brother/sister things that could and have come in handy. Tis the season to give and in giving feel the glory and peace of it. May you all have a loving and peaceful holiday this year and for years to come.”

“Love the 1.00 for the food bank, just as the other person before me said most toys would be donated  if I win”

What comes across loud and clear from the comments is that people care and want to help.  The idea that some people will donate the toys if they win – completely fantastic!  The general theme from the comments, that people should try to help each other and open their hearts to others, is a wonderful message.

There Is Still Time To Help Feed the Hungry With a Simple Comment

If you have not yet done so, please take these two steps to help the hungry this holiday season…

  1. Jump over to our Giving For Good Giveaway Post
  2. Leave a Comment at the bottom of the Giving for Good Post

For every person who leaves a comment, we will donate $1 to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts (up to a max of $1,000).   So, head on over to the giveaway post, leave a comment and together we can help bring some food and fun to families in need this year.

Tired of hearing so much negativity in the news?  Head over to the Giveaway post and just read the comments – you will see just a small example of how caring, compassion and giving are alive and well in America.

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