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Golden Tee Golf

Golden Tee Golf

As far as I am concerned, God gave us the trackball for two reasons – to play Missile Command and Golden Tee Golf.    While I may be dating myself by talking about Missile Command, even the youngest Dads and Moms must know Golden Tee Golf.  Golden Tee Golf is the most successful arcade golf game of all time.   Using that trackball to swing your  golf club felt so right, that I would actually be a decent golfer…if real golf was played with a trackball.

Golden Tee Golf – Trackball And All – Comes Home

Jakks Pacific now brings the thrill of trackball golf home with the Plug It In and Play TV Games Golden Tee Golf.  This is one of those all inclusive deals – no video game system needed – just plug the unit into the TV and you are ready to play.  Game play is exactly how you remember it from the bar…or arcade.  Spin the trackball back to bring your club back, give a spin forward to hit the ball.   With buttons for backspin and rotation of your golfer, this game plays exactly like the Golden Tee Golf game you have played for years.

Here’s all the info from Jakks Pacific about their Golden Tee Golf:

No need to reserve a tee time, now you can play the most successful golf arcade game at home!  With authentic arcade trackball action, compete in 9 hole, 18 hole, or skins…solo or with up to 4 friends!  No game console or software needed – Just Plug it in & Play!™  Works with Any TV.

  • Plug it in & play
  • Roll it! To control it!
  • Authentic arcade trackball action
  • Up to 4 players
  • Choose from three Golden Tee® Classics
  • Use the trackball for backspin, roll and direction …Just like the arcade!
  • Watch for sand traps and water hazards!
  • Rule the leaderboard!
  • Rated E For Everyone

Golden Tee Golf

You Don’t Play Golden Tee Golf for the Graphics

In this age of graphic powerhouses like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, it feels like it is getting harder and harder to distinguish between a video game and real life.  You will NOT have that problem when playing Golden Tee Golf!  It is not like the graphics are terrible, but clearly this is technology from the past, not the future.

Even though Golden Tee Golf does not have state of the art graphics, it still provides plenty of fun.  The trackball feels terrific and the game play is enjoyable.   The all-in-one nature of Golden Tee Golf makes it the perfect game to take on the road.  Kids heading over to the grandparent’s house?  Send them over with Golden Tee Golf and the kids and grandparents will have a blast golfing together.

In The World of Golden Tee Golf – Golf is A Man’s Game

Girls and women be warned, Golden Tee Golf does not seem to understand that woman play golf too!  The box shows 4 guys playing.  In the game, your character is a guy.  The announcer even makes fun of you  – assuming you are of course a guy playing.  I know it is just a game, and it is just like the arcade game – no worse – but would it kill them to throw a woman somewhere on the box?

Conclusion:  Golden Tee Golf May Spark a Trackball Comeback

While Xbox Kinect tries to make game controllers obsolete, Golden Tee Golf goes in the other direction and tries to bring trackballs back from the dead.  I say, “Long Live the Trackball!”  Is Golden Tee Golf the deepest game? No.  The prettiest graphics?  No.  What Golden Tee Golf is, is a very fun golf game! We love the trackball and the portable nature of the whole game makes it a great toy to take on trips or over to a friends house.

Now, if only someone could figure out a way to hack this thing to also play Missile Command!

Final Verdict:
Recommend? Yes
Best For What Age Range? 8 and up
Best For What Audience? Anyone who likes golf games.
Requires Advanced Video Game Skills? Nope – if you could spin a trackball you are good to go!

More Information:

Golden Tee Golf by Jakks Pacific. Rated E for everyone. $39.95

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