Fractiles-7 Proves That Magnets Are Cool And Symmetry Rules!



While I love cool tech toys like RC planes with built in video cameras, I still have a soft spot for simple toys that can provide hours of fun, even in a blackout!  Fractiles-7 (travel size) is a battery free toy that is fun, portable and don’t tell the kids – but also educational.  Who knew that 96 magnetic, diamond shaped tiles could provide so much entertainment?

It’s In the Angles Man…It’s All In the Angles

Fractiles consists of just three different sized diamond tiles.  However, since all the angles on the diamonds are multiples of 1/14th of 360 degrees, the tiles can fit together in so many different ways.  Relax, don’t try to do the math or really understand that last statement – let’s show you what we are talking about in this short video on Fractiles…

6 Year Olds and Mathematics Researchers Will Bond Over Fractiles

The cool thing about Fractiles is that there is some advanced mathematics at play.  Concepts such as Reflection Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry will appeal to adult math geeks as they try to create complex puzzles.  6 year old kids who would probably fall asleep before you could finish explaining Reflection Symmetry, will love to create their own patterns and not even be aware how much they are learning about recognition skills, patterns and symmetry.

A Travel Toy That The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Due to the small size (8″x8″ steel board) and magnetic tiles, Fractiles-7 makes a terrific travel toy (note, they do make larger versions of Fractiles as well).  What is great is that kids of all ages (5 and up) will enjoy Fractiles, so you pack one toy and have something the whole family can play with.   In addition, this is a toy that Moms, Dads and Grandparents will actually enjoy playing with the kids.

Older kids and grown-ups can try to recreate one of the patterns shown on the box – in this way it becomes a puzzle toy that needs to be solved.  Younger kids can make spaceships, butterflies and really cool abstract 3D designs.

Conclusion:  Fractiles-7 Is Simple, Fun and Secretly Educational

Three colors, three different sized diamonds and a steel board does not exactly sound like a recipe for hours of fun.  However, Fractiles-7 proves that sometimes the simple things are the most fun! If you have kids who like puzzles and designing things, they will love Fractiles-7.   Parents will love that their kids are learning about pattern recognition skills without even realizing it.  Finally, throw in the fact that the toy is actually made in the USA and Fractiles-7 is a clear winner.

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