Review: The Hidden for Nintendo 3DS, Yes Son, There is A Ghost in Your Closet

The Hidden

The Hidden Video Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Holy crap, I had no idea how many ghosts were living in my bedroom.  My front yard?  Just crawling with paranormal activity.  I knew it was crawling with ants, but apparently those ant traps I put down do nothing to trap ghosts.  How do I know all this?  Simple, I used my son’s Nintendo 3DS and the new The Hidden video game from Majesco.

The Hidden Brings Augmented Reality to the Nintendo 3DS

The Hidden is a ghost hunting (and fighting) game for the Nintendo 3DS that makes use of the 3DS cameras to create a game that takes place in the real world.  Use your Nintendo 3DS camera to help you scan, detect and hunt ghosts. As a member of the elite squad known as the Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team, (G.E.I.S.T.), you must work with your team to destroy evil spirits and neutralize mysterious outbreaks that pose threats to all mankind.  To find every ghost in the game, players must also bring their Nintendo 3DS with them to new locations and investigate the world around them in twelve exhilarating missions.

Yes, with The Hidden, augmented reality games have come to the Nintendo 3DS.

Here are some of the top features of  The Hidden:

  • Prepare to battle powerful bosses using your full arsenal of acquired tech. With unique strategies required for each enemy, you will soon find that some become long-running nemeses.
  • Perfect the tracking process to catch the stealthiest spirits, banish stubborn creatures that can’t be destroyed, and take down the malevolent entity behind it all.
  • “Scanner”: Scan your current area using the Nintendo 3DS camera and Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • “Tracker”: Hunt for ghosts and pull them out of their world and into ours.
  • “Shooter”: Hunt and shoot ghosts using the latest in paranormal weapons tech.
  • “Wormhole”: Navigate through tunnels of another dimension while battling ghosts.
  • “Stealth”: Avoid being detected by entities that are too great in number or extremely tough to handle with your equipment.
  • Take photos of entities with the Nintendo 3DS camera and keep a log of your discoveries while using your map to keep track of where you’ve been.

The Hidden Will Get You Moving

The Hidden is not a game you play passively.  You are assigned missions that have you moving from location to location in search of ghosts.  Once you find a ghost, you will be spinning your 3DS all around as you try to shoot or capture said ghost.  This is one of those games where you look like a fool playing it, but it does get you moving and spinning.

The Hidden Video Game

The Hidden

Cutting Edge Games Can Sometimes Fall Off That Edge

Kudos to Majesco for pushing the technology of the 3DS to the max and making a game specifically for the Nintendo 3DS.   Accepting missions where you hunt for ghosts in the real world really is fun.  You definitely feel more invested in capturing some ghosts, when those ghosts happen to live in your bedroom!

Unfortunately, when you make a cutting edge game, there will be times when the game falls off that edge.  The major problem with The Hidden is that it requires WiFi hotspots to figure out where you are and in turn, where the ghosts should appear in a mission.   If you go out of range of a WiFi hotspot, you may find that you can not locate any ghosts and get stuck in a mission.

Beware, The Hidden Can Freak Out Younger Kids

Personally, I loved the idea of trying to blast a few ghosts who were hiding in my bedroom…my 7 year old son…not so much.   The augmented reality can really freak out the younger kids.   Try getting your kid to sleep after he just scanned the room and found it crawling with ghosts – not an easy task.  Perhaps this is why The Hidden is rated for ages 10 and up, I guess I should have noticed this before freaking out my 7 year old.

Conclusion:  The Hidden, A Fun Game with a Few Flaws

The Hidden is the first full featured augmented reality game for the Nintendo 3DS.  In many ways, The Hidden breaks new ground in terms of 3DS game play.    It is fun to blast ghosts that appear in your own home.  The whole concept of going on missions and clearing real world locations from ghosts is also very cool.

On the downside, The Hidden does suffer from some of the technological limitations of the 3DS.  With no built-in GPS, The Hidden has to try to guestimate your location by using WiFi hotspots.  This imprecise mechanism can lead to glitches in the gameplay.

Even with the limitations, The Hidden is still fun to play.  If you can accept that The Hidden is not perfect and has some location issues, you will enjoy playing a game that utilizes the unique technology of the 3DS to create a fun, fast paced and spooky experience.

Final Verdict:
Recommend? Yes, would be better if there were no location glitches, but still fun to blast ghosts.
Best For What Age Range? 10 – 14
Best For What Audience? Kids who like shooting games, mission based games and spooky games!
Requires Advanced Video Game Skills? No, but does require some space to play. You will need to walk, turn and spin to capture the ghosts.

More Information:

The Hidden by Majesco for the Nintendo 3DS. Rated E 10+ Fantasy Violence, Language. $29.95

Purchase The Hidden at Amazon.Com

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