Little Space Heroes: Finally a Virtual World Without a Penguin Infestation

Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut.  For reasons my therapist will not let me get into, I did not become an astronaut.  Well, real world be damned – I am now living in the Little Space Heroes virtual world where I am more than an astronaut, I am a true space hero, using my Jet Pack and Star Jet to find the Glows and defeat the dastardly Lord Shadowbot.

Little Space Heroes – The Virtual World Without Penguins

Little Space Heroes is a new online multiplayer game by Bubblegum Interactive that is completely devoid of penguins.  Yes, virtual worlds for kids, like Club Penguin, have been around for a number of years, but Little Space Heroes attempts to make a virtual universe that is more geared toward kids who want to explore a new galaxy and go on adventures.

Who Is Stealing the Glows?

Many space aeons ago, a dastardly space pirate, Lord Shadowbot, was on a mission to steal the Glows, a curious and harmony loving friend to all who lived in the galaxy. Cloaked in secrets he set sail and was able to put his wicked plan into motion before anyone knew what was happening.

With the Glows captured, we now need Space Heroes to track the clues left behind and explore space and meet lots of different creatures along the way who can help us to get closer and closer to the Glows.   Are you ready to put on a Jet Pack or fly in your Star Jet and help us find the Glows?

Exploring the World of Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes

To get started with Little Space Heroes is very easy.  The game is a flash based game that you can play in your web browser of choice.  There is no cost to get started in Little Space Heroes, but there is a premium mode that offers additional functions and starts at about $6 a month.

Little Space Heroes

One of the first things you notice when logging into Little Space Heroes is the large size of the universe.  There are plenty of places to see and online games to play on your home planet.  When you are ready to explore more you can get in your Star Jet (after receiving training) and explore additional planets.

The world of Little Space Heroes is drawn beautifully and navigation is pretty straightforward.  The controls of Little Space Heroes are very similar to other virtual worlds.  You can move around, make friends, talk to people (in safe chat or open mode) and explore.  Of course there is the customization options that seem to be required for all multiplayer online worlds these days – earn coins, unlock things, upgrade your outfit, etc.

What We Like about Little Space Heroes

When reviewing an online multiplayer game you really need to look at what sets it apart from the competition.  For Little Space Heroes the size and variety of the universe are its major selling points.  You really feel like you can explore and discover very different places.  Jump in your Star Jet and shot to another planet.  The planets all have different looks, feels and games.   The whole concept of being a space hero in a vast universe is incredibly well done and will appeal to kids ages 5-12.

The ability to play games together with other friends is also a big plus for Little Space Heroes.  You can meet a friend online and race against each other in the Starjet Racing mini game.  Music more your thing?  Friends can jam out together (in Guitar Hero style) at the Starstruck Theater.  Want help going on a quest to find a Glow?  Bring a friend along.
Little Space Heroes

Finally, the graphics of  Little Space Heroes have a new-old fashioned look that we loved.  It is hard to describe, but the look of the world gives a feeling of a space world we all wanted to explore as kids, but never could.    The graphics are not overdone to the point of trying to replicate the real world, but are less cartoony than Club Penguin.  Kids who like the idea of a virtual world, but not into the super cuteness of Club Penguin, will really enjoy spending time in Little Space Heroes.

What We Did Not Like about Little Space Heroes

Overall, botht the kids and myself had a very positive experience in the Little Space Heroes universe.  The game is still in Beta (release date of early December 2011), but it is very stable.  The kids had some minor issues with the controls, you point to click where you want to go, but sometimes they would get stuck.  Some of the mini-games lack depth and did not keep the kids interest, but you can just skip those and find other games to play.  Overall, our problems with Little Space Heroes were minor and will probably be cleared up when it leavs Beta.

Conclusion: Stop Reading This Review and Give Little Space Heroes a Shot

Little Space Heroes is free to play, so there is no reason not to check it out and see what you think.  Yes, there are some things you can’t do without being a premium member (cost $6/month or $54/year), but the free world is vast and there is plenty of fun to be had without paying a dime!  If you have kids who are into adventure, space and fun – introduce them to Little Space Heroes…and prepare not to see them for a few days.

Final Verdict:
Recommend? Yes!
Best For What Age Range? 5 – 12
Best For What Audience? Kids who like online worlds and adventure, mystery and space games.
Requires Advanced Video Game Skills? No.
Control are easy to understand and no software (beyond Flash) to install.

More Information:

Little Space Heroes by Bubblegum Interactive is Free (with a premium option) and works with PC or Mac.   Rated E for Everyone.

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