How Are Camping, Holidays, Road Trips, Video Games and Prizes Connected?


Time for a game, I’ll throw out some words and you stop me when you guess what in the world I am talking about…

Camping, Road Trips, Video Games, BackPacks, 10pm EST, 11/9, Campfire, $150 Gift Certificate…

Okay, clearly this game would work better if I could hear when you said stop.  Well, I’ll assume you guessed…

The KOA Live Chat About Holiday Road Trips on 11/9 at 10pm EST with Great Prize Giveaways

Yes, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is a hosting a fun filled live chat at the KOA Community Campfire.  The chat will focus on information, tips and stories about Holiday Road Trips.  As if a great chat was not reason enough to show up, KOA will also be giving away some great prizes during the one hour live chat.

Click here to Learn All About the KOA Live Chat on 11/9 at 10pm EST

So, What Do Video Games Have to Do With This Live Chat?

At first glance it may seem that video games and camping are from two different worlds, however, the Camping Mama video game bridges those worlds.  We reviewed Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures for the Nintendo DS and it is a fun and quick paced game.  The only thing that would make Camping Mama even more fun would be getting it for free…

KOA is Giving Away Not 1, Not 2…Not 9 – But 10 Crazy Mama Prize Backpacks!

Come on over to the Holiday Road Trips Live Chat on 11/9 at 10pm and you could win one of 10 Crazy Mama backpacks that they are giving away.  Each backpack has –

Camping Mama Video Game

  • A copy of the Camping Mama game (Nintendo DS)
  • A Camping Mama branded backpack
  • A Camping Mama branded water bottle
  • A kit to make smores
  • Camping Mama branded binoculars
  • A Camping Mama branded 22-piece first aid kit
  • A Camping Mama branded foldable and reusable spork
  • A Camping Mama branded miniature flashlight (AAA batteries included)

During the Live Chat 10 people will be picked at random to receive the great Camping Mama backpack.

But Wait, Don’t Order Yet…

Still not convinced you should attend the live chat?  Wow, you are a tough sell.  Okay, let’s sweeten the pot a little…

Win a $150 Gift Certificate to Cabela’s

Yep, if you are into camping or spending time outdoors, you know how great it is to shop at Cabela’s.   One lucky person from the live chat will win a $150 gift certificate to Cabela’s – think of all the great holiday gifts you could get with that $150.

What Else Will You Do Wednesday Night At 10pm EST?

Watch CSI?  Let me save you some time – someone is killed in the first 15 seconds of the show, then 58 minutes later they tell you who did it.  On the other hand, if you attend the Holiday Road Trips Live Chat you will get some great information and possibly win a Camping Mama stuffed backpack or a $150 gift certificate to Cabela’s! In addition, it is highly unlikely that someone will be killed in the first 15 seconds of our chat.

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