Someone Remind Me To Drop Agent Orange in My Backyard Next Year


Who knew leaves were so evil?  Everyone talks about the beautiful fall foliage up here in New England, but don’t let those pretty leaves fool you, there have an ugly side to them!  Take a look at this photo of my backyard –

NorEaster 2011

This looks like a nice foliage scene until you realize that is snow on the ground.  There should not be one foot of snow on the ground when leaves are still on the trees!

Anyone Know Where I Can Get a Good Deal on Agent Orange?

Give the pure evil nature of leaves, I must get my hands on some Agent Orange and make sure not a single leaf remains on any tree on my property.  Sure, I will have a glowing second head, but that seems like a small price to pay to have electricity, phones and internet.  Hmm, perhaps I should back up a little…

Why Leaves, Snow and PowerLines Don’t Mix

Leaves and Powerlines

Those pretty leaves and foliage don’t look so beautiful when they are lying across your power lines.  Yes, here in New England we were just treated to an October Nor’Easter.   I personally don’t believe a storm with the word “Easter” in it has any business showing up before Halloween, but what do I know?  I’ll tell you what I know, this is not good –

NorEaster 2011

A couple of trees using your powerlines as a bed?  Not what you want to see when you wake up. It turns out that when wet snow hits trees that are still covered in leaves, a tremendous amount of snow sticks to those leaves and makes the trees very heavy.  Throw in a little wind and you have trees snapping and popping like it was the 4th of July.

Nor'Easter 2011 New England

How about having to drive under this to get out of your driveway?  Yes, those are powerlines the tree is resting on.  An archway over your driveway may be a nice aesthetic touch –


But not when the powerlines are the thing holding the “architecture of trees” together!

Life Without Power, Phones and Internet – Like Camping At Home

In the end I guess we should consider ourselves lucky – no one got hurt and the house was not damaged.  In fact, we turned our house into an indoor camp site.  We had been stocking up on some cool gadgets we read about over at the KOA Campfire Community – like baseball caps with flashlights, hand warmers and some awesome sleeping bags.   The kids actually had a lot of fun with the indoor camping, but if it went on for a few more nights we all would have gone insane.

My New Found Dislike of Leaves and Incredible Sympathy for Storm Vicitms

I believe every experience should teach us a lesson and I think I have learned two.  The first is that we should all do whatever we can to help people who have to go through prolonged periods of time without heat and electricity.   Living for a day or two without power can be fun, after that it takes a major toll on your physical and mental health.

The second lesson I learned is that leaves need to learn when it is time to let go.  Sure, none of us like turning brown and dying, but come on leaves, enough is enough.  When the tree you live on is bending and about to snap, just let go already and FALL…afterall, they don’t call it fall for nothing.

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