Q.Bel All Natural Chocolate Candy Review – Is It a Trick or a Treat?

Q.Bel All Natural Chocolate Candy

Q.Bel All Natural Chocolate Candy

As many of our readers know, we recently went down to the Natural Products Expo in search of natural and healthy treats for Dads, Moms and their kids.   To be brutally honest, some of the all natural things we sampled, we could not tell if they were snacks or shampoos (we are looking at you green wheat grass)!

Q.Bel All Natural Chocolate – Could This Wipe The Wheat Grass Taste From My Mouth?

Q.bel is the type of  company you want to love.  Started by a Mom and Dad so they could provide their 10 year old son with an all natural alternative to the artificial candy his friends in school were eating.  Made with all natural ingredients.  However, we know that all that matters when it comes to chocolate is how it taste.

Q.Bel Chocolate Meet the Dad Does Testing Lab

Of course the best way to determine the taste of chocolate is to subject it to a number of sophisticated tests and that is exactly what we did in the Dad Does Testing Lab.

Here is the shocking video from our top secret lab facilities…

(If you have problems watching the video, please drop the resolution to 360)

There you have it – definitive, scientific testing, that Q.Bel Chocolate is good!

Shocking But True- Q.Bel Chocolate Really is Both Tasty and All Natural

We had some fun with the video review, but in all seriousness Q.Bel Chocolate treats really are tasty!  It may not seem like that hard of a thing to make All Natural Chocolate that taste good, but if you had sampled what we sampled at Expo East, you would know there is some skill in making a shelf stable All Natural Chocolate bar.

The Q.Bel Line of Candy Wafers

We sampled four of the Q.Bel All Natural Candy bars – Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate Wafer Bar, Mint Wafer Bars with Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars and Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars.   What can we say – they all taste delicious! They are made with Belgian Chocolate and you can taste the difference.  Moms and Dads will be happy to give the kids Q.Bel as a treat because it is All Natural and has No Artificial Flavors.   Kids will be happy with the treat because… well, because it is great tasting chocolate of course!

In addition, if you happen to like your chocolate in crunchy rolls – Q.Bel has you covered.  They also make all the above flavors as chocolate wafer rolls instead of wafer bars.  To each their own.

Q.Bel – A Company Moms and Dads Can Feel Good About Supporting

As we stated earlier, the Q.Bel story is a great one.  Mom and Dad decide to start chocolate company to provide their son with an all natural candy alternative to the stuff being sold at schools.   While we have not worked with Q.Bel, their website does say all the right things in terms of them being a socially response company and wanting to be honest and do good.

One of the more impressive things on the website is the chart they have on what they are doing in terms of being a socially responsible company and where they fall short.  You can view the Q.Bel Values chart here .  I am not sure I have ever seen a company be as honest and open about their shortcomings.

The Negatives on Q.Bel Chocolates

While taste is subjective, from my point of view the taste was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.  The real negative to Q.Bel over traditional candy is just price.   A 20 pack of Q.Bel bars (1.1 ounce each) sells for about $24 on Amazon.  This works out to $1.20 a bar (you impressed by our mad math skills?) – which is obviously more than you would pay for the same amount of un-natural chocolate bars.    We think Q.Bel is worth the price, but that is something each Mom and Dad will need to consider.

The other negatives to Q.Bel are on the values scale.  Q.Bel is not organic.  In addition, the chocolate used in Q,Bel is not fair trade certified.   As they point out on the Q.Bel Values chart they are just too small of a company at this point to be able to do organic and fair trade, but that is their plan in the future.  As a young company (just started in 2009) I am willing to take them on their word on this and hope to see organic and fair trade options from Q.bel in the future.

Conclusions on Q.Bel All Natural Chocolate Candy:

Q.Bel Chocolates are flat out tasty. Forget for a second they are all natural and the company has strong values – on the most important point for any snack or treat – taste – they win!  Throw in the all natural and responsible company and you have a great new treat option for the kids (and the adults).

There is room for improvement – we would love to see Q.bel go to Fair Trade Certified chocolate and Organic chocolate.  In addition, the price is a little high compared to traditional candy bars – but this is true with almost all the all natural products (you have no idea how cheap artificial flavors are).

Of course, this is still a chocolate candy bar, so you want to be careful with giving your kids too much sugar – I wouldn’t go and replace their side of broccoli with a Q.bel bar :)  However, if you are looking for an all natural and delicious treat for the kids or yourself – Q.bel is a winner.

Q.Bel All Natural Chocolate Wafers Get 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received some Q.Bel candy bars to do this review.  We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review.  My kids in the video were not paid for their fine acting skills, and let’s just say I still have not heard the end of it.  The sticks and rocks in the video were provided free by Mother Nature.  We may receive payment from Mother Nature, I asked for a white Christmas, we will see.  In addition, if you do decide to purchase Q.Bel chocolate, we don’t make anything! This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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