Review: Wi-Fli Helicopter Proves Your Smartphone Really is Smart

WiFli Bladerunner Interceptor Helicopter

WiFli Helicopter

Sometimes I wonder, just how smart is my smartphone?  Sure it can find my exact location, tell me where to get a decent burger and on a good day even make phone calls.  Fine, but it is not like my phone is smart enough to fly a helicopter….or is it???  Introducing the Wi-Fli Bladerunner Interceptor Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts.

A Remote Control Helicopter…Without The Remote Control

As our regular readers know, we are addicted to remote control toys.  Show us a R/C plane, helicopter or car and suddenly we all become toy crazed kids again.  But do we really need that big klunky remote, filled with 6 double A batteries, to control our toys?  Interactive Toy Concepts says no!  The WiFli Helicopter is controlled by a free app available for the iPhone,  iPod Touch, iPad or Android devices.

Enough talk, let’s take a look at our video review of the Wi-Fli Helicopter…

Finally a Remote You Are Unlikely To Lose in The Toy Closet

I often lay awake at night trying to figure out if the monster that steals one sock from the dryer is the same monster that separates all the toy remotes from their corresponding vehicles*.  Well, it seems much more likely we will be able to keep track of the Wi-Fli remote because it is your mobile phone or tablet.

The Wi-Fli helicopter creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to work with the Wi-Fli app (available for iOS or Android).  Setup was pretty straightforward, download the app, select the Wi-Fli network and then run the app.  The flight controllers are very easy to understand and use.

WiFli Bladerunner Interceptor Helicopter

In Control Pad Mode you use your right thumb to make the helicopter turn and go forwards and backwards.  With your left thumb you control the altitude of the helicopter.  There is also an “Accelerometer Control Mode” which allows you control the helicopter by titling and moving your phone.  In our experience, the Control Pad Mode was much easier to get the hang of and accurately pilot the helicopter.

The Wi-Fli is No One Trick Pony, It Can Really Fly

The ability to fly and pilot an RC helicopter with your smartphone is cool, but that coolness would wear off quickly if the helicopter itself was a dude.   Thankfully, the Wi-Fli Helicopter is a solid, fun to fly indoor and outdoor helicopter.  The helicopter has dual rotors and a balance bar so it is very stable.  In addition, the helicopter has some weight to it, so it is less effected by low winds.  The video we shot was in a small room on the first day we received the helicopter, and we had a pretty easy time maneuvering the helicopter.

What We Loved About the Wi-Fli Bladerunner Interceptor Helicopter

  • Intuitive Controls Using Any iOs or Android Device
  • Digital Proportional Flight Control
  • Rotor Gyro for Flight Stability
  • Folding Propellers Means Less Chance of Damage During a Crash
  • Solid Helicopter Stays Stable in Light Winds
  • Easy to Fly and Keep Stable
  • Charges from Any Computer With USB Ports
  • Replacement Tail Rotor Included
  • Spare Parts Available for Repairs

What Didn’t Thrill Us About the Wi-Fli Bladerunner Helicopter

  • Only About 5 Minutes of Fly Time Per Charge
  • 30 – 60 Minute Recharge Time
  • Need a Computer to Recharge
  • Occasionally Lost Connection With Phone

Conclusion:  Wi-Fli Helicopter, So Much More Than a SmartPhone Gimmick

At first, we were a little concerned that the Wi-Fli Helicopter would just be a cheap helicopter with the gimmick being you could control it with your phone.  In reality, nothing could be further form the truth.  The Wi-Fli is a solid helicopter, with a 3.7 Volt Li-Polymer battery and excellent flight stability.  In short, the Wi-Fli is fun to fly and the iPhone control really adds to the experience.

The Wi-Fli Bladerunner Interceptor Helicopter is rated for ages 14 and up, which makes sense since it takes some skill to fly.  The short flight time per charge is a downside, but the fun of flying the helicopter more than makes up for the waiting between charges.

UPDATE (3/9/12):

We have received a number of questions on how to get the WiFli Helicopter and the iPhone to connect, so wanted to post a quick update.   Once you turn the WiFli Helicopter on, you MUST go to the Settings on your iPhone and change the WiFi network to the Wi Fli helicopter network.

So, normally you iPhone connects to your home network – often Default or Linksys will be the name.  The WiFli helicopter creates its own WiFi network to talk to the iPhone.  You must change the Wifi connection on your phone to the WiFLI network you should see on the list of available networks.  Hope this helps.

More Information:

WiFli Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts sells for about $80.  Ages 14 and up

Purchase the Wi-Fli RC Helicopter at Amazon.Com

Watch our Video Review of the Wi-Fli Helicopter

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*Our conclusion is that the sock monster and remote monster are two different monsters, but most likely twins separated at birth.  Ya know, sort of like Heat Miser and Snow Miser.

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