Wipeout 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, Finally You Can Get Sucker Punched in 3D!

Wipeout 2 for Nintendo 3DS

Wipeout 2 for Nintendo 3DS

ABC TV’s Wipeout is one of those TV shows that on paper sounds so incredibly cruel and stupid.  People running around getting hit by giant fists and being knocked into pools of mud.  All while the hosts, two guys both named John, talk as if they are getting paid by the word.  Yet, anyone who has ever seen Wipeout, can’t stop watching it, especially kids!

What’s Better Than Watching Wipeout?  Playing Wipeout…In 3D

As far as I can tell, they have not let kids appear on Wipeout…yet.  The only way kids got to experience the thrill of bouncing off balls and running through obstacle courses was by playing the various video game versions of Wipeout.  Now, Activision brings kids one step closer to being in Wipeout with the release of Wipeout 2 for the Nintendo 3DS.  Now your kids can experience getting punched by the “Sucker Punch Wall” in 3D, without glasses!

Straight From TV To Your Nintendo 3DS

Wipeout 2 takes the obstacles right from the summer and winter seasons of the ABC TV show.  This means all your favorites will be there, such as – the Sucker Punch, Big Balls, Knee Sweeper and more.  In total there are over 50 obstacles to complete over multiple episodes (levels).    Of course, you will not be competing as yourself, you get to pick from a bunch of wacky characters, with more becoming unlocked as you collect rings in the game.

The basic game play and controls for Wipeout 2 will be very familiar to most kids.  You jump, slide and duck as you try to advance through the obstacle course in the quickest time.  The goal is to advance from a Qualifier round to the Elimination round and finally to the Wipeout Zone.  Have the fastest time in Wipeout Zone and you win that episode and unlock the next episode.

What Kids Will Love About Wipeout 2 for the Nintendo 3DS

We had a number of  kids test out Wipeout 2 for the Nintendo 3DS and there were certain key features they all liked…

  • 3D, Kids Love the 3D

Of course, anything 3D is always a hit with the kids.  Throw in 3D images of your character being sucker punched and it is even better.

  • Finally Something to Do With Coins

The Nintendo 3DS allows you to earn coins by doing certain things, like walking – or as my kids do – shaking your 3DS like a lunatic.  The problem is there is not much you can do with these coins.  Wipeout 2 allows you to use coins to unlock certain characters, which made the kids very happy!

  • Don’t Just Listen to the Johns – Play As Them!

Ever wonder how the hosts of the show – John and John would do on the Wipeout courses?  Wonder no more!  In Wipeout 2 you can play as John or John…once you unlock them.  But don’t let the Johns have all the fun, you can also play as the third host – Jill.  There are also lots of other wacky contestants you can unlock as you advance in the game and collect more rings.

  • Let’s Go To The Instant Replay

Got sucker punched?  Relive the moment as Wipeout 2 shows you a replay, complete with commentary from the hosts, every time you get knocked off the course.

  • Pass and Play For Multiplayer Fun With One Nintendo 3DS

Even if have just one Wipeout 2 cartridge, you can still play against your friends.  With “Pass and Play” mode four friends can all take turns competing on the same course and trying to make it to the Wipeout Zone.

  • Awards, Lots of Silly Awards

I am not sure why, but kids love winning awards in video games.  Wipeout 2 allows players to win different awards in each round, which keeps the kids excited about playing.

What Kids Might Not Love About Wipeout 2

The biggest knock our testers had with Wipeout 2 was getting stuck on episodes.   In order to unlock the next episode, you have to complete the episode you are on in a certain amount of time.    If you are stuck on an episode it can be frustrating not being able to advance.  On the other hand, when the kids did hit the necessary time and unlocked the next episode, they really felt like they achieved something.

It might be helpful if there was a level setting – easy, medium and hard – as other games do.  This would allow more casual gamers to be able to advance in easy mode without investing as much time.

Conclusion:  Wipeout 2 Is As Wacky, Silly and Fun As The Show

While some of our testers wanted to unlock episodes more quickly, they all loved playing Wipeout 2.  Simply put, if you have kids who like watching Wipeout, they will love playing Wipeout 2 on the Nintendo 3DS.  The 3D effects, mulitplayer pass and play mode and fun obstacle courses and characters all make for a very enjoyable video game.  In fact, even kids who are not big fans of the show will still enjoy the gameplay of Wipeout 2.

My only fear is that as my kids play Wipeout 2 more, it will just encourage them to want to be on the show in the future.   I don’t think my heart could survive watching my kids on the Sucker Punch Wall.

Final Verdict:
Recommend? Yes!
Best For What Age Range? 7 – 14
Best For What Audience? Kids who like Wipeout or kids who like games where you slide, jump or duck obstacles to reach the next levels.
Requires Advanced Video Game Skills? No. Instructions are short, it just takes timing and practice to succeed.

More Information:

We reviewed Wipeout 2 by Activision for the Nintendo 3DS.  The game is also available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii.  Wipeout 2 is Rated E for Everyone.

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