Pelt Me With Ice and Shoot Me, Things I Thought I Would Never Say

Men's Lands' End Hooded Down Jacket

Men's Lands' End Hooded Down Jacket

Let’s just say I took one for the team today…actually two for the team.  A block of ice to the eye and a bullet to the nose (it will make sense when you see the video), but nothing will get in our way of doing a real world review!  Today we were tasked with the project of reviewing the Lands’ End Men’s Hooded Down Jacket.  How do you torture test a jacket that is rated for -30 degrees when it is 50 degrees out?  You get creative…

You Heard Me Right Kids, Throw That Ice At Me, Harder!

I know winter coats are not as fun as RC planes with video cameras, but as a Dad I am always on a quest for a warm coat that is not bulky.  So, when we were asked to review the Lands’ End Men’s Hooded Down Jacket I decided to give it a shot.  Since the weather up here in New England is still not frigid, we had to get a little creative in our testing methods for this coat.

Please Watch Me Get Hit in the Head with Ice,  As The Testing Takes an Ugly Turn -

I’m Fine and the Jacket is Even Better

So we had a little fun in the video, perhaps my kids had way too much fun.   Still, it was pouring the whole time we were outside and the Lands’ End Jacket kept me completely dry.  Here are all the specs on the jacket –

  • Lightweight, super warm 600 fill down insulation
  • Wind-resistant nylon shell with DriOff™ finish repels water
  • Down insulated hood easily zips off when not needed
  • Storm flap provides added protection
  • Cozy fleece-lined pockets with secure zipper closure
  • Internal pocket and cord port for MP3 player
  • TEMPERATURE RATING – WARMEST: -30° to -10° Fahrenheit.

Why Dads Will Really Like this Jacket

All of the above specs are nice, but the real test is how the jacket feels when you wear it.  Normally, very warm down coats are bulky and make you look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy – not really the look most Dads are going for.  This Lands’ End coat is incredibly lightweight and not at all bulky.  In addition, the soft fleecy pockets and comfortable hood make this coat just feel right when you wear it.

The other thing Dads will appreciate are the pockets.  There are plenty of pockets (with zippers) for us to carry all of our gadgets.  The jacket also has an internal pocket with a cord port for an iPod or other music player.  If you are going to be out in -30 degree weather, you need your tunes to keep you sane.

Know What Else Dads Will Like?  The Price

I like to stay warm and have a nice looking winter coat, but I really can’t bring myself to spend $300 on a coat.  This Lands’ End Men’s Hooded Down Jacket retails for about $129.   $130 is not a bad price to pay for a coat that can keep you both warm and dry on the coldest winter days.

Conclusion:  The Lands’ End Men’s Hooded Down Jacket Will Have You Wishing for Winter

Living in New England, I normally fear the winter.  Not this year, with the Lands’ End Jacket I say – Bring It, Winter.  Give me your best shot, it can’t be worse than what my kids did to me! This Land’s End jacket provides warmth, protection from wind, rain and snow and does it all without being bulky.  Throw in the very reasonable price and you have a jacket that is a real winner.

More Information:

The Lands’ End Men’s Hooded Down Jacket is available in 8 colors at the Lands’ End site.  Price is $129.50

Watch our video review of the Lands’ End Men’s Hooded Down Jacket

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