Air Hogs Real Lightning McQueen RC Car, Now Things Are Getting Freaky

Air Hogs Lightning McQueen Race Car

Air Hogs Real Lightning McQueen

Just when we think we have seen it all in the world of RC vehicles, Air Hogs ups the ante with The Real Lightning McQueen Interactive R/C Vehicle.  We’ve already seen remote control cars that drive up walls; cars with video cameras built-in; tiny cars that go 600 MPH and cars that can flip, jump and spin.  However, now things get freaky with the talking Cars 2 Air Hogs Lightning McQueen car that has animated light up eyes and a mouth.  It feels like McQueen just jumped off my Pixar DVD!

Yes, Yes I Am Having a Conversation With My Car

We have seen cars with little toy eyes and a mouth before, but the Air Hogs Lightning McQueen really goes well beyond “toy eyes”.  Air Hogs is using impulse projection technology to create eyes and a mouth that light up, move and are in sync with what Lightning is saying.  Turn Lightning right and his eyes shift to the right and his mouth moves in sync with whatever words of wisdom Lightning is giving you.  It really feels like you have an animated Lightning McQueen talking and playing with you.  To add to the realism, they actually had Owen Wilson record the voice for this toy.

This is really something you need to see to understand.  Please watch our hands-on video review of the Interactive Lightning McQueen from Air Hogs -

Cool Technology is Hidden Under the Cute Lightning McQueen Face

As the video shows, the animated eyes and mouth are really what jumps out at you when first playing with The Real Lightning McQueen.  However, this car also features some other cool technology.  There are bump sensors on the front and back of the car.  Hit a wall and Lightning will let you know with something like “Ouch, watch it“.  Keep crashing and Lightning will need a pitstop, which means no moving for a few seconds while the pit team fixes up Lightning McQueen.

Rookie or Race Mode, You Make the Call

Air Hogs Lightning McQueen RC car has two modes of play – Rookie or Race.  In Rookie, Lightning gives you driving directions and you need to follow them.  Lightning says “jump“, and you say “how high?“.  Oh wait, that is from the military.  In this case Lightning says things like “Turn right…go straight…go backwards” and you need to follow his commands.

The problem we had with Rookie mode is we would often run out of room – Lightning was saying “go straight” but we were all ready up against a wall.  While Rookie mode is fun to try out, we really spent most of our time playing in our favorite mode – Race mode.

Air Hogs Lightning McQueen Race Car

In Race mode you simply drive Lightning McQueen all around and have fun.  The whole time you are driving, Lightning is talking to you, giving you tips, warnings and praise (in all, he speaks over 35 phrases).  The fun part is that his talking is directly connected to your actions.  If you peel out backwards, he might say something like “Mater taught me that one“.  Of course any parent worth their weight in Pixar films knows that Mater is the backward driving champion.

A Fine Fit For Younger Kids and Cars Fans

This holiday season there are a number of very cool, small and super fast RC cars on the market.  The problem with these cars is they take some practice to control and steer due to their high speeds.  This makes it hard for younger kids to enjoy the super fast RC cars.

Air Hogs Lightning McQueen Interactive Car is great for younger kids (ages 5 and up).  The controls are easy to operate and Lightning does not move super fast, so steering is much easier.  Of course, fans of Cars and Cars 2 will love the fact that they can control Lightning McQueen and the moving eyes, mouth and constant talking will just seal the deal.

Conclusion: Air Hogs Real Lightning McQueen Seems Very…Real

If you think too much about this toy you may fall into a deep philosophical debate on reality.  Lightning McQueen is an animated character from a movie – so he is not real.  However, this toy, which is real, has animated eyes and a mouth that make the toy Lightning McQueen look more like the real animated Lightning from the Cars movies.  But wait, then this toy called “The Real Lightning McQueen” actually looks so much like the animated Lightning McQueen, which is just a cartoon and not real, that he must also not be real at all.  Is this site real? What really is real…

See what I mean?  What I do know is the Air Hogs Real Lightning McQueen is fun to drive and kids who are into the Cars movies will love this RC car.  At $65, it is priced a little higher than many Moms and Dads would like, but I guess all that technology under the hood does not come cheap.  If it makes you feel better, look at it this way – with its front and back sensors, consider it an inexpensive parallel parking simulator for your kids.

More Information:

Purchase the Air Hog Real Lightning McQueen for About $65 at Amazon.Com

Air Hogs  The Real Light McQueen Interactive RC Car is for kids ages 5 and up.

Watch our hands-on video review of the Air Hogs Real Lightning McQueen

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