Duck Hunter Launch and Load, Just Like Hunting…Without The Killing Part

Duck Hunter Launch and Load Review

Duck Hunter Launch and Load Review

I don’t think I could kill a duck.  Don’t get me wrong, ducks have pissed me off in the past.  Slowly waddling in front of me, making me actually use the breaks in my car.  Then there is that endless quacking, really, if they have something to say to me, they should just say it.   Still, pulling out a shotgun and blasting away at ducks seems a little extreme for me, no less my kids (who actually see these creatures as cute).

Thankfully, with the Duck Hunter Launch & Load you can now have all the simulated fun of hunting, without hurting anything more than your ego.  What is better than a flying toy?  A flying toy you can shoot down with an infrared rifle of course.

Duck Vs Dad Does – A Battle of the D’s – Who Will Win?

We were excited to test out the Duck Hunter Launch and Load toy from Interactive Toy Concepts.  It almost felt a little unfair for the poor toy duck.  All it could do was flap its wings and fly around for 15 seconds.  We on the other hand had a super cool infrared rifle, just 3 hits of the duck and the duck’s wings stop and he comes crashing down.   How was the duck going to avoid our precision marksmanship, fly away?

Watch the surprising and ego deflating battle of Duck vs Dad Does -

For The Record, We Killed The Duck Three Times Before He Fled

I was so mad at our dog for not being able to instantly retrieve that escaped duck, until I realized we don’t have a dog.  Anyway, what type of duck just puts his tail between his webbed feet and takes off when someone is shooting at him?  Let the record show, we did take the duck down three times before he decided he had had enough and decided to try to find safe harbor at a neighbor’s house.

Duck Hunter Launch and Load Proves That Toy Ducks Can Really Fly

The funny thing is that when we received the Duck Hunter toy we were concerned that the duck would not fly well.  The duck only takes 10-15 seconds to charge, we figured how much flying could that short charge provide?  As the video shows, it provides plenty of flight power!

The fact that the duck is easily launched directly from the rifle makes it a very easy toy for one kid to play with on his/her own. The old version of Duck Hunter did not have the ability to launch the duck directly from the blaster, so this is a big improvement.

Duck Hunter Launch and Load

We found it super easy to operate the Duck Hunter toy – put the duck on the rifle, hold the trigger for 15 seconds to charge the duck, press the launch button, then try to shoot the duck three times.

Yes, Those Wings Really Do Flap…Until You Shoot The Duck

There is something just cool and natural about the erratic way the duck flys.  As the video shows, the wings really do flap and the duck goes up, down and all around.  One of the neat feedback mechanisms in the toy is that the first two  times you hit the duck his wings stop flapping for a few moments.  So, you can easily tell if your aim is true by watching the wings.  Of course, on the third hit, the wings completely stop and then the duck comes crashing down.

Conclusion: Duck Hunter Launch N Load, Because Shooting Things Is Fun

As a parent, this may not be the politically correct thing to say, but shooting things out of the air and watching them come crashing down is fun!  There is a lot that kids will like about Duck Hunter Launch And Load.   The ability to launch the duck directly from the blaster, the quick 10-15 second charging time, the cool flying dynamics of the wing flapping duck, the instant feedback if you hit the duck  and the gun sound effects will all make this toy a hit with kids ages 10 and up.   For the Moms and Dads I have one important piece of advice, avoid letting the kids duck hunt on a super windy day in a small space!  Of course, organizing a search and rescue team for a missing duck can be a fun activity as well.

More Information:

Purchase Duck Hunter Launch N Load at Amazon.Com or Target.Com (about $30)

Learn More at Interactive Toy Concepts.  Duck Hunter Launch and Load is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Watch our video review of Duck Hunter Launch and Load

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