We Know Mama Can Cook, But Can She Camp? Review-Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures

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Camping Mama Video Game

If your  kids have a Nintendo DS, then no introduction for Cooking Mama is probably needed.  For those parents not in the video game world, let me quickly fill you in.   The Cooking Mama franchise from Majesco Entertainment has sold over 8.5 million copies in North America alone.  Kids love Cooking Mama so much that Majesco has now decided that Mama should learn to camp!

What Happens When A Cooking Mama Becomes a Camping Mama?

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures is a video game for the Nintendo DS that uses the idea of camping as a theme for hundreds of minigames.  You can play as either Camping Mama’s son or daughter and have Mama or Papa on call for help and guidance.

Here is a quick run down of what you can expect from Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures -

  • Explore the camp site and island as you play a mix of stylus-based cooking, crafting, treasure hunting, and action mini-games in the signature Mama format.
  • Play through 38 levels with 100 brand new mini games as Mama’s son or daughter with either Mama or Papa on hand to provide guidance.
  • Experience nature in a variety of settings, such as the Forest, Mountains, and Seas in day, night, snow, and more
  • Find treasure that you can use in further adventures, or even to decorate your camp.
  • Earn the highest achievement level by creating the rarest and strongest tools.
  • Collect insects, fish, treasure, and more, and then survey your collection in your scrap book. Aim to find everything
Camping MamaCamping Mama 2

What Will Kids Like About Camping Mama?

If your kids like mini-games, they will love Camping Mama.  I am not exactly sure why, but kids seem to love mini-games, especially when they can win things, level up and decorate a home, tent, camp…really anything!  Camping Mama provides plenty of mini-games, so the game is deep enough to keep kids occupied for a while.

The ability to play as the daughter or son is a nice touch and makes the game equally appealing to boys and girls.  Throw in the ability to find treasure that you can use in other mini-games and you have the formula for success for kids ages 6-10.

Would Any Kids NOT Like Camping Mama?

If your kids are not into mini-games, take a pass on Camping Mama.  There is some exploring in the game, but really all of the game play involves mini-games.   For parents not familiar with mini-games, these are short games (often lasting less than 1 minute) where you use the stylus and a variety of strokes to quickly play a game.  The games are very short and easy to play in a quick burst.  There are no complicated instructions or rules to follow, when done right, it provides a quick shot of fun.

In short, if your kids are more into long continuous games or sports games  then Camping Mama will not be the best fit for your family.

Share Some Camping Mama With Your Friends

One of the neat features of Camping Mama is the ability to wirelessly send a mini-game to a friend (or sibling’s) Nintendo DS.  The person receiving the mini-game does not have to own the Camping Mama game, so this is a great way for friends to try out a few of the mini games.  It is also an excellent way to keep siblings from fighting over who gets to have Camping Mama on their DS.


If you have kids who are fans of the Mama series of games, I doubt you are reading this review.  By now, your kids have probably convinced you that they would die if they did not have Camping Mama.  For those of us who have not been hooked on the Mama series, there is still a lot to like with Camping Mama.  The mini-games are easy to play and provide fun, cute and quick entertainment.  If you have the rare kids who are not into mini games and earning rewards, then take a pass on Camping Mama.  For everyone else, Camping Mama proves that Mama can not only cook, but she can camp!

Final Verdict:
Recommend? Yes!
Best For What Age Range? 6 – 10
Best For What Audience? Kids who like mini games and fans of the Mama series.
Requires Advanced Video Game Skills? Nope! Straight forward enough that a Dad can even play it!

More Information:

Learn More At the Majesco Site.  Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures is Rated E for Everyone and sells for about $29.95

Purchase Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures at Amazon.Com

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