Riddle of the Day: How Do You Keep A Campfire From Ever Going Out?



Fall is in full swing.  The nights are getting cold and the days grow short.   It is right about now that I start to long for the campfires of summer, with the stories, sharing and Smores!  While we can’t bring the long days of summer back right now, we can get that campfire to never go out.

How Do You Keep A Campfire From Ever Going Out?

Easy, you make it a virtual campfire!  Welcome to the 21st century.   The fine folks at KOA (Kampgrounds of America) have created a very cool community, called Around the Campfire,  for sharing stories, recipes, tips, advice, recommendation and information – basically all the stuff you would share around a real campfire.

Time To Disclose My Deepest and Darkest Secrets

Before we go any further, I need to be honest with you about two things.  First,  I actually liked McDonald’s McRib sandwich and second, KOA does compensate me to talk about their virtual campfire.   I don’t believe either secret prevents me from writing honestly about the KOA Community, although, once I have had a McRib I do tend to hallucinate and write a lot about seeing angles dressed as pigs, so maybe that does cloud the truth?

In Truth the KOA Community Really is A Great Resource

KOA Around the Campfire

I know the idea of a virtual campfire, being run by a company that provides campground sites, sounds like it would be one giant ad for KOA – but this is NOT the case.   The cool thing about the discussions at Around the Campfire is that they often have very little to do with KOA and instead focus on camping, hiking and outdoor activities.  Here are some of the current discussions happening at the campfire –

Stage Your Photos, Or Just Let Them Happen – What Do You Guys Do?

Packing Your Camping Kitchen

RV Life and Retiring

Frisbee Golf

As you can see from these discussions, there is no hard sell for KOA campgrounds – just good, useful and fun information being shared by people who love to camp and be outdoors.

Join the Community and Keep the Campfire Going All Winter

The more people we have sitting around the campfire, the more we can all learn and share.  So, come on over to KOA Around the Campfire and share your thoughts.  We will keep a spot open for you and get a Smores cooked up just right.  Of course, if classic Smores isn’t your thing, there is a whole discussion on different ways to make Smores!

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