Review: Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky RC Camera Plane – Smile You’re On Video

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky video camera RC plane

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky video camera RC plane

There are certain things that us Dads have in our DNA.  We hate asking for directions and we can’t stop buying remote controlled vehicles.  RC cars – fun, RC planes – cool, RC planes that can shoot video and photos – you had me at video!   So, when we were sent the new Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky RC Plane with built in video and still camera, we could hardly wait to get it in the air.

Welcome Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky Plane.  Goodbye Privacy

The idea of an RC plane with a video camera does bring up the image of teenage kids using the plane as a video spy plane.  In truth, while the video quality is good and the controls adequate, the Hawk Eye Blue Sky is not exactly a quiet or precisely controlled covert spy plane.  It is however a blast to fly and takes some really fun videos – especially when you crash.

Let’s Take a Look at our Hands-On Video Review of the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky Plane -

The Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky is Fun To Fly…Even for A Skill Challenged Dad

As the video shows, I am no expert when it comes to flying RC planes.  In fact, at first I was frustrated by the Hawk Eye Blue Sky – I expected the plane to fly itself right out of the box.  I was over steering, over accelerating and basically crashing every few seconds.  I then did something bizarre and out of character – I read the instructions.

Once I started to really try to fly the plane, gradual turns and gentle acceleration, I was able to keep the plane in the air for a long time and greatly enjoyed it.  The plane is rated for ages 12+ and Expert level flying and I think that makes sense.  Younger kids will get frustrated with the controls, but older kids will greatly enjoy the skill it takes to have a great flight.  I found myself constantly wanting to go out and try to beat my best flight time, or nail a perfect landing.  In the end, once I looked at Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky as something you have to learn to fly and practice with, it really became an enjoyable experience.

This Plane Packs Some Impressive Tech Specs into a Toy

The Hawk Eye Blue Sky may have more impressive technology than the computer I owned 5 years ago.  Here is a quick run down on some of the specs on the plane –

  • 2.4 Ghz Remote Control for Long Range, Precise Control
  • Capture 4 to 5 Minutes of Video (320 x240)
  • Capture 100’s of Photos (640 x 480)
  • Dual Propeller System
  • About 6 Minutes of Flying Time Per Charge
  • Recharge via Remote or PC USB Jack (about 35 minutes to recharge)
  • Free Editing Software from Air Hogs

Why Do You Need To Capture Video Of Your Flight?

Some may ask (like our wives) why do you really need a plane that captures video?  Do we really need to do aerial surveillance? Is the video just a gimmick?  Fair questions, but I believe the real value of the video comes from the ability of teenagers to share video of their flights.

As any parent knows, getting a toddler to share can be a challenge.   What any parent of teenagers knows is that getting teenage kids NOT to share can be a bigger challenge.   Kids today love to share…online.  Teens are sharing everything via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr and about 10 more sites us old people have never heard of.  Playing with a RC plane is fine, but being able to upload a video of a really cool flight you did for all your friends to see, that is wicked cool.   I think being able to show how you buzzed your little brother with the Hawk Eye Blue Sky, and managed not to crash for 4 minutes is going to be of great interest to 12 and up kids.

Not Everyone Has the Patience to Be A Hawk Eye Blue Sky Pilot

Kids who want a toy they can pull out of the box and have instant success with may be disappointed with the Blue Sky.  You need to charge the plane for 35 minutes, practice a good deal before you can get a good feel for the plane, at this point the batteries are probably dead and you need to recharge for another 35 minutes.  If the winds then pick up, you will have to wait until you have better conditions.  The Blue Sky is not about instant gratification.

On the other hand, if you have kids who like RC toys and are okay with putting in some time learning to fly, they will love the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky.  The 2.4 Ghz controller gives the plane a very responsive feel and of course the ability to capture video means you can relive all your best flights over and over again.

Conclusion:  Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky Plane – Once You Go Video, You Never Go Back

Due to my obsession with RC planes we have a squadron of different planes and helicopters at my house.  A strange thing happened after flying the Hawk Eye Blue Sky for a while, I started to expect every plane to have a video camera.  What’s the point of flying if I can not prove to my kids (with video, the only proof they will accept) that I am not a complete klutz?

If you have kids, ages 12 and up, who like RC planes – the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky Plane is a great gift idea.  At $69.95 (retail) it is not cheap, but look at it this way – $70 bucks to train your kids to grow up to be Drone pilots…that’s a bargain!  Seriously, the combination of responsive flying with video capture are sure to make the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky a very popular toy this holiday season.

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Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky Plane (by Spin Master) is for ages 12+ and retails for $69.95

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