Answer: Squishable Animals. Question: What’s Giant, Round And Fun to Hug?

Squishable Fox

Squishable Stuffed Animal

The technology in toys today is amazing.  Want a car the size of your thumb that goes 600 MPH (scale speed)? Done.  How about a toy robot that lives and battles in the real world and a virtual world?  Piece of cake.  However, amazing technology in toys cuts both ways – batteries die, software crashes and in related news…kids melt down.   Squishable stuffed animals are the antidote to technology over load.

Squishable Animals – Giant, Round and Screaming to be Hugged

Don’t bother looking for the On/Off switch on a Squishable.  No, they won’t talk to you, fetch your slippers or tell you the weather forecast.  Want the instructions for Squishables?  Here they are –

“They’re giant, round, fuzzy stuffed animals.  Hug them.”

In fact, why are we even trying to describe Squishable animals – let’s take a look at a quick video of two Squishable animals -

Beware, There Are Over 40 Squishables and Growing!

I have some good news and bad news.  First the good news, kids just love Squishables.  I don’t know if it is their round shape or super squishiness, but kids just hug them and adore them.  Now for the bad news – there are over 40 different Squishable stuffed animals, and growing.  You have tons of different cute animals and then different sizes – large down to minis.  At some point your kids will find the Squishable website and then start making the case of why they can not survive without 5, 10 or 40 more squishable animals!

Welcome to A Wacky World of All Things Squishable

You could look at a Squishable animal and say, “fine, it is a big fat stuffed animal“.  However, spend a little time on the Squishable site and you start to almost feel the Squishable movement.  They have a charity arm, conventions with people dressed as their favorite Squishable, a Squishable  comic, a travel blog, Squishable videos and of course, the ability to vote for the next Squishable they should make.

In short, people take these round stuffed animals very seriously and have great fun being involved in the Squishable world.  Kids will love Squishables, but from all the fan activity on the site, it is clear that plenty of adults are in love with Squishable animals as well.  Think I am exaggerating?  Take a look at their Facebook page with about 270,000 fans!  I’m telling you, there is a lot of squishing going on out there.

Squishable Fox

Conclusion:  Squishable Animals – So Simple, So Basic and So Great

It almost feels silly to review a round, fat stuffed animal.  You really need to just hug a Squishable to understand their charm.  In a world filled with toys that require batteries and a degree in computer science, it is refreshing to find something that is so simple and still makes kids so happy.   If you have kids who love stuffed animals, put a Squishable under the tree this holiday season and we guarantee you will have a happy holiday!

More Information:

Visit the Squishable Website.  Prices range from about $18 – $45.

Watch our video review of Squishable Stuffed Animals

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