Squeeler Review: Finally An RC Vehicle That Does More Flips Than a Gymnast

Squeeler Remote Control Car

Squeeler Remote Control Car

I think we are having an identity crisis here at Dad Does.  We tend to see ourselves as a Dad Blog that focuses on toy reviews, but in truth we may be a Pig Blog.  The other day we reviewed a product called the iHog and now today we look at the Squeeler?  Has this site gone to the pigs?

Squeeler – A Pig Free, Totally Crazy, Stunt RC Car

Thankfully the Squeeler Remote Controlled (RC) Car has nothing to do with pigs and everything to do with crazy RC flipping fun.  The Squeeler, from Interactive Toy Concepts, is a new RC vehicle that promises to do jumps, flips and stunts.  With its giant balloon tires, the Squeeler looks unlike any other RC vehicle we have ever tested.  So, does the Squeeler really perform amazing jumps, flips and stunts?  Watch our hands-on video review of the Squeeler to find out…

Once You Own a Squeeler, You Will Never Look At Stairs The Same

The Squeeler is flat out fun to drive.  Actually, that might not be an accurate statement, let me restate – the Squeeler is flat out fun to try to crash!  The huge inflatable balloon tires mean that the Squeeler is almost impossible to crash.  It flips, it jumps, it crashing through things and through it all it lands on its huge monster tires.

We had a blast trying to find jumps, stairs, cliffs – basically anything we could drive the Squeeler off of and see what would happen.   As the video shows, the Squeeler often flipped, bounced, balanced on two wheels – but it always kept on going!  Maybe it is just a guy thing, but my sons and I could not get enough of driving the Squeeler into things and through things.  Numerous “Wows” and “How Did You Do That” were shouted as we all took turns at the controls.

Some Changes We Would Like to See in a Squeeler 2.0

Squeeler is a brand new toy coming out for the 2011 Holiday Season.  As much as we loved playing with the Squeeler, there were a few small issues.  The 9.6 Volt battery only lasts for about 8 minutes of play time before it needs to be recharged, which takes about 4 hours.  It is obviously a fun kill when the battery dies and you need to wait a few hours before playing again.  We would love to see a 2nd battery included or at least a faster charger.

The other issue we had is also battery related.  The charger does not have an indicator light on it, so you don’t know when the battery is fully charged.  The instructions do state a full charge takes 4 hours, but you can partially charge it and get at least a few minutes of play time.

Conclusion:  Squeeler RC Vehicle Proves that Big Balloon Tires Rule!

We could talk about the twin high performance motors in the Squeeler.  Or discuss the innovative remote control with its torque control.  However, all that really matters is that the Squeeler is incredibly fun to drive, bounce, flip, jump, spin and crash!  With its giant tires and full twisting body, I challenge anyone to drive the Squeeler and not have a big silly grin on their face.

Yes, it would be great to have much more play time before the battery dies, but I guess to make a vehicle that can drive over (and through) anything takes a lot of power.  If you are looking for a great holiday gift for someone who loves RC cars and doing stunts – the Squeeler will have them squealing for joy!

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The Squeeler (ages 8 and up) is made by Interactive Toy Concepts and sells for about $70

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