How Long Will It Take My Kids to Realize That Wappy Dog is Not Real?

Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog

UPDATE: We now have a full hands-on review with Wappy Dog. Please click here to read our Wappy Dog Review to learn how Wappy performs in the real world!

We do not have a dog.   How is that even possible?  I had dogs growing up, my wife had dogs – the kids want a dog, but somehow when I look around my house I see exactly zero dogs.   It just seems impossible to figure out how we will take care of a dog and do all those complicated things – like walking it and feeding it.  In fact, it got so bad that the other day I found myself looking at cat classifieds…cats… how sick is that?

A Wappy Dog Under The Tree Requires No Air Holes

With the holidays coming, I have already started thinking about what we can get the kids.  Resigned to the fact that a real dog is not an option for this year, I started thinking about “fake” dogs.  I then remembered my old friend Wappy Dog. Okay, maybe friend is a bit strong, but at Toy Fair 2011 in February I did see a prototype of Wappy Dog by Activision.

Wappy Dog is an electronic toy dog that responds to your touch and also commands via the Nintendo DS.    By using your Nintendo DS you can play games with wappy, sing with him, feed him and generally bond into best buddies.  Hitting the road? Just beam Wappy into your DS and play with him as you would in any of the virtual pet games.  Now this is the type of dog responsibility that my family can handle!

To see some video of Wappy Dog in action, check out the Wappy Dog website.

Will Wappy Dog Put An End To “When Can We Get a Dog?” Cries?

No.  I can be pretty oblivious sometimes, but even I know the kids are not going to buy that Wappy is just as good as a real dog.   Still, Wappy Dog does look to be an intriguing toy for the 2011 holiday season and a good possible first step to pet ownership.  Perhaps if the kids have a hard time keeping a virtual pet fed and happy, they will stop pushing for a real dog.  Of course, I am sure the opposite will be true – they will do a great job with Wappy Dog and therefore campaign harder for a real dog…or two, or there….

Wappy Dog Arrives on November 8th, Parents Be Ready

Wappy looks cute, plays video games and is made by Sega and Activision, in our book this all adds up to kids everywhere screaming “We Want Wappy!”  To help out all of our great readers we will be launching a full hands-on review of Wappy Dog on November 8th.   I’m telling you right now, if I catch Wappy drinking out of the toilet he is going right back to the virtual pound!

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