Review: Garfield’s Comic Boom, Because The World Needs More Comics

Garfield's Comic Boom

Garfield's Comic Boom

As a Dad, I often feel old.  My kids are into things I can’t even understand and I have even caught myself saying “When I was your age…”  So, it always makes me feel better when there is something from my past that my kids are into as well.  Garfield is one of those things.  No, I’m not talking about our 20th President, I am talking about that big, fat, lasagna loving orange cat.   Yes, my 7 year old loves reading the Garfield comics as much as I do.

With Garfield’s Comic Boom Software Now You Can Create Comics with Garfield

What could be better than reading Garfield with your kids?  Creating comics with your kids using Garfield’s Comic Boom software.  Yes, Toon Boom, the award winning animation company, has partnered with Jim Davis (creator of Garfield) to create this new comic strip and comic book creation software.

Let’s take a quick look at our video review of Garfield’s Comic Boom Software -

Comic Building Software With Just the Right Amount of Garfield

As much as I love Garfield, I was a little worried that this software would just be a basic paint program married together with a clip art collection of Garfield.   As the video above shows, this is absolutely not the case.  Garfield Comic Boom is an excellent piece of software that teaches kids key concepts like panels, layers, story progression, how to start with a rough idea, the use of light tables and more.  There is just enough Garfield in the interface to make it fun and appealing to kids, without going overboard and getting gimmicky.

Who Better to Teach Your Kids How to Draw Comics Than Jim Davis?

As we show in the video, Garfield’s Comic Boom is an excellent piece of software, but it is actually more than just software.  Included in the package are a number of tutorials by Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield.   We really learned a great deal and enjoyed watching the videos, it was like taking a crash course in creating comic strips from a master instructor.

Easy Output, So Your Child’s Brilliance Can Be Shared With the World

Garfield’s Comic Boom is an excellent tool for creating comic strips, but comics don’t just want to be created, they want to be read!  Fear not, Garfield’s Comic Boom really shines when it comes to sharing your child’s creations.  You can easily share via Facebook, YouTube, Email and iPods.   Of course you can also print your creations or save them in various image formats.  Simply put, prepare for your kids to blast their comic creations all over the web.

Conclusion:  Garfield’s Comic Boom Bares Little Resemblance to a Fat, Lazy Cat

Kids today have no shortage of options when it comes to electronics.   The problem is that most of those options involve consuming content electronically, not creating it.   Garfield’s Comic Boom is a great way for our kids to create content and learn the fundamentals of comic creation and story telling.  In our testing, the software worked without issue and provided enough power for kids to create full featured comics.  At $29.95 (and available for both PC and Mac), the software is reasonably priced, especially when you factor in the training videos you get from Jim Davis.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden craving for some lasagna…

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Garfield’s Comic Boom from Toon Boom is $29.95 (downloadable for PC and Mac)

Watch our video review of Garfield’s Comic Boom

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