Pop Tarts World Comes to NYC…Finally The City is Complete

Pop Tarts Super Store in NYC

Pop Tarts Super Store in NYC

Hanging in Pop Tarts World With Chris Rock

I am a native New Yorker.   One of the great things about the city is that it is always changing and evolving.  The city never feels finished, as great as it is – maybe there is something else that could make it better.  Well, freeze the frame, take a snapshot, hold the phone – now that Pop Tarts World has come to Times Square in New York City, the city is finally complete!

I Love Pop Tarts, I Love NY – Would This Be Heaven On Earth?

I went to the Natural Products Expo, I do like wholesome organic snacks for the kids – but I need to be honest, I love those magical treats that come in those tin foil packets!  But even I, a Pop Tart lover, could not for the life of me imagine why they deserved a whole store in the heart of  Times Square.

Clearly, as a Dad, as a write for Dad Does, it was my moral obligation to find out…

Are You Jealous Yet?

Now you might be wondering after watching that – what the hell was all that?  So let’s clear some things up…

  • Yes, that was a giant robot machine that picks out your Pop Tarts and puts them in a box
  • Yes the giant robot machine has a name – The Varietizer
  • Yes, I paid $15 to have a giant robot machine put my Pop Tarts in a box

Now before you go judging my family, did you notice we got to pick out the pop tarts we wanted… on a TOUCH SCREEN!  Try doing that at Stop and Shop!

You Can Make That With Pop Tarts???

Yes, yes you can.  By far the coolest thing in the store is the Pop Tart Cafe.  You can get all types of bizarre foods made with Pop Tarts.  Pop Tart Sushi?  Sure, they got it.  Pop Tart Sundae?  But, of course.  Pop Tart Milk Shakes?  Absolutely!  I have to admit, Pop Tarts really do make a cool mix-in for ice cream.

Why Have Your T-Shirt Made in a SweatShop When You Can Do It Yourself?

Pop Tart World has a T-Shirt printing area where you can pay outrageous prices and have a T-Shirt, that  you will probably be too embarrassed to ever wear, made right before your eyes.

I didn’t really have much time to make T-Shirts, I was too busy hanging with Chris Rock…

What? You Didn’t See Chris Rock In The Video?

Don’t worry I get it, your Dads – your eyes are not what they used to be, you miss the obvious.  No problem, let’s watch the clip again in slow motion this time…

How did you miss him the first time?  In all seriousness, Chris Rock was there and he blew $15 on a box of Pop Tarts right before I did – so I guess that makes us blood brothers now…. or maybe strawberry frosted brothers??

Should You Visit Pop Tarts World?

Dads – if you are going to New York City, have only a limited amount of time, and want to show your kids what makes the city great – please, for the love of god, do not take them to Pop Tart World! On the other hand, if you have some time, find yourself in Times Square and you and the kids like Pop Tarts – it is a fun place to stop into.

Pop Tart World
128 W. 42nd St.
New York, New York 10036

Love Pop Tarts?  Hate Pop Tarts?  What Is Your Favorite Flavor?  Leave Us Comment and Let Us Know – Please!

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