McDonald’s Determined To Make Camping and Campfires Obsolete!

by nessel on September 21, 2011

Wow, I never realized how terrible my childhood was.  Back in the day, if I wanted to enjoy Smores – the miracle food handed down directly from the heavens – I had to sit around a campfire.   Often I was forced to camp, swim, play and then sit outside on a beautiful starlit night with friends and family and actually melt chocolate and marshmallows onto god’s gift to mankind – the graham cracker.  It was horrible, after 30 years of therapy, it is still difficult to talk about.

McDonald’s Wants to Make Sure The Horrible Smores Suffering Ends Now!

Moms and Dads, please take a moment and kiss Ronald McDonald’s big clown feet.  Yes, McDonald’s has made sure our kids never have to suffer through the hell of sitting around a campfire to enjoy their Smores…

Smores Pie

Yep, now we can all just go to McDonalds and enjoy a Smores pie.   How glorious it will be to sit around a McDonald’s table and enjoy Smores.  Instead of telling scary stories and bonding around the campfire, now our kids can swap stories about Happy Meal toys and sit around the napkin dispenser.   Thank you McDonald’s, thank you.

Sorry, McDonald’s – Campfires ARE Still Needed

The truth is,  Smores are delicious, but I really believe some of that yummyness comes from making your own Smores over a campfire.   Sorry, McDonalds, but not everything is made better by being shoved in a box and sold at a 24 hour Drive Thru window.  Taking the campfire out of Smores is like taking the cone out of an ice cream cone.

Don’t Get Camping As Much As You Want? You Can Still Enjoy Swapping Stories At The Campfire

I wish we could sit around the campfire more as a family, but sometimes schedules get hectic and we don’t make it out camping as much as we would like.  Still, we can enjoy some of the stories and tips that are shared around the virtual campfire that KOA (Kampgrounds of America) has created.

You Want Smores Information, I’ll Give You Smores Information!

Over at the KOA Campfire they have a whole discussion just on “The Varieties of Smores“.  How cool is that?  They show mouth watering Smores like this -

Raspberry Smores

Or how about this one…


hungry yet?

Hold on, wait, I can get rid of your hunger… Take a look at this “Smores”….

McDonalds Smores

Don’t Go to McDonald’s, Go to The KOA Campfire

Parents, don’t take the easy way out and get a Smores pie at McDonald’s.   Head over to the KOA Campfire and read some great tips and information on camping (and making Smores).   I promise, if you spend some time at the KOA Campfire you will be inspired to go camping and enjoy some real Smores.

If all else fails, you can always stop at McDonald’s on the way home, I hear their next product is a  bag of marshmallows that come pre-roasted.

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  • Bruce Sallan

    (insert expletive) McDonald’s! 

    • Dan Dad Does

      You tell them Bruce!  I am no food snob, I do eat McD’s from time to time. but the Smores Pie is just a bad idea gone horribly wrong!

  • TechyDad

    When I want my own no-camp-fire S’mores, I take some Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Co and spread it on a graham cracker.  Then I put marshmallow fluff on another graham cracker.  Then I squish the two together.  It’s tasty and much healthier than McDonald’s creation.  (Not to mention it resembles a camp-fire S’more more than the McDonald’s offering.)

    • Dan Dad Does

      I love Peanut Butter & Co!  We went to their cafe in NYC and had some amazing french toast stuffed with PB and bananas.  I’m with you, plenty of good ways to make Smores without a campfire, no feed to turn it into fast food.  Thanks for the comments!

      • TechyDad

        I’m jealous.  Last time I was in NYC, I wanted to go to their restaurant, but didn’t make it.  I do have their cookbook, though.  I should see if the recipe for that PB Banana French Toast is in it.  Probably is.

  • Melinda

    even when I don’t have a campfire handy I’ll at least make them on the grill, still homemade and tasty and we eat them together around the dining table not at a fast food joint.

    • Dan Dad Does

      Thanks Melinda.  Completely agree, it just seems that with Smores half the fun is making them and then eating them together as a family.  The idea of grabbing a Smores pie in the Drive Thru just doesn’t work for me.

  • Mary Ann

    I can’t imagine that the Mickey D’s version has that crispy graham cracker crunch when you bite into it, looks soggy and quite…. frightening

  • Vivienne @ The V Spot

    That is all kinds of wrong. Gah.

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